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3 Things I Was Late To The Party On

Do you ever feel like you’re completely late to the party?

Everyone else seems to have it all figured out. They seem to have this incredibly detailed plan and know exactly what they’re doing. They know all the tricks and have mastered the short-cuts.

But you’re sitting on the sidelines, watching these business rock stars whiz by.

Oh, I’ve totally been there.

In the past few weeks, I’ve discovered a few key things that (apparently) y’all have been doing forever.

And now that I’ve started incorporating these bad boys into my daily routine and my monthly goals, it’s like magic is happening.

I feel inspired, my bank account is growing (we all love that, right?), and I’m so much more fulfilled. Woohoo!

Check it out!

3 Things I Was Late To The Party On (But Now I’m Eating The Cake)

1. Joining the convo in Facebook groups

I’m a member of thousands (okay, I may be exaggerating, but still, I’m in a ton…) of Facebook groups. But I’ve only recently made an intentional effort to be more present and you know, talk to people.

Instead of just posting something when I am launching a new program or when I have a questions, I’m shifting so that I’m adding more value for others.

One of my newest daily action items it to spend at least 10 minutes joining in conversations, networking, answer questions, and providing helpful information for people in Facebook groups. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and I can usually do it while jamming out to T-Swift. *shake it off, shake it off*

Plus, I feel good knowing that I’m contributing, and I’m usually make someone else’s day easier. Win-Win!

2. Manifesting/visualizing

If you’ve been around the coaching world for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard people raving about how to manifest anything you want. It’s sounds totally woo-woo, but I promise it works!

I used to think it was some weird hippy exercise, but since I started actively tracking and visualizing my goals each day, I’ve seen amazing things happen.

I’ve manifested 7 new clients,  two huge guest posting opportunities, and over $2,500 in the past two weeks!

Yep, I’m totally sticking around on this manifesting train.

3. Making money fast

I’m not sure why I was so resistant to the idea of making money fast, but seriously, it has changed the way I look at my business.

When I first started Your Super Awesome Life, I thought I had to spend weeks and months creating new coaching packages, new programs, and new ebooks to sell to my dream clients.

But now I’ve realized that business doesn’t have be that hard.

When I’m crazy inspired with a new idea, I can whip up a new sales page in 45 minutes, and share it with y’all.

That’s what happened a few weeks ago when I launched my Business Kick-Start Sessions. I came up with the idea on Saturday and shared it with the world on Monday. And I made over $500 in one day. Bam!

Now I’d love to hear from you. Which of these three tips are you gonna try out today: joining the convo in FB groups, manifesting what you want, or launching a new offer to make money fast?



Hi, friends! I’ve got a lovely guest post to share with you today! My friend, Hannah Braime of Becoming Who You Are is sharing how we can take care of our business’ most important asset. If this hits home for you, be sure to check out her upcoming course, From Coping to Thriving, which starts on September 15th. I think you’ll love it!

most important asset

What is your business’ most important asset?

If you’re anything like me when I first started carving out my tiny corner of the entrepreneurial world, you might be thinking about your website, your products, your mailing list, your social media accounts, or, if you do most of your work online, your laptop.

These are important assets, but in the scramble to build up a business, start earning money, and create something sustainable, you risk focusing on these things at the expense of the most important asset of them all:


How long will your business survive without you? Chances are that if you’re just starting out, the answer is “not very,” which is why it’s doubly important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself during this transitional phase.

As we’re starting out, we tend to give our all to our business. Late night working sessions feel exciting. We’re getting things done! Being productive! The lack of quality leisure time at the weekend doesn’t matter. All we can think of right now is our business baby.

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’ll have heard the clear instructions during the safety briefing: put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs.

When it comes to business, however, we do the opposite. We know that it’s going to take hard work to make our vision a reality, so we pour our time and energy into our new creation, not realising that our own oxygen levels are dropping until it’s too late.

We get burned out. We get sick, sometimes really sick. We develop that low-grade depression and anxiety that pervades every aspect of our lives. Ultimately, we find ourselves on the fast track to giving up.

I know this, because I’ve been there. When I started out with Becoming Who You Are, I bought into the glorification of “busy”, and I paid the price personally and professionally. Contrary to popular belief, I found that when I started focusing on taking care of myself, my business started improving too. My creativity grew deeper, my determination grew stronger, and I finally had enough emotional and physical energy to deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life.

Here are four ways to take care of your business’ no. 1 asset:

1. Focus on the basics first

Our sleeping and eating habits are some of the first things to get disrupted when we have a lot going on, but these are the two most important things to pay attention to. Late nights won’t get your business built any faster, and they come with a host of health warnings and long-term issues.

Equally, relying on “quick-fix” sugar and caffeine hits to get you through the day isn’t going to do your body or your business any favours in the long-term. A thriving body is a thriving business; when you’re well-rested and well-fueled, you’ll enjoyed greater focus, make better decisions, and enjoy the entrepreneurial experience a lot more.

2. Get clear on your non-negotiables

We all have our own list of “non-negotiables”. These are the habits that make life work; when we do these things each day, we feel like the best version of ourselves. Everybody has their own brand of non-negotiables and yours might include exercising, meditation, going outside, taking a walk, connecting with family and friends, creative time, and much more.

Make a list of the non-business activities that leave you feeling inspired, uplifted and energised.

Then, schedule them into your day. Remember that these activities are just as important as your business activities, as when you make time for your non-negotiables, you’ll be in a much better frame of mind to work effectively.

3. Develop clear boundaries around life and work

One of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face is where to draw the line between life and work.

This is especially hard when we love what we do and feel excited to see it grow. Having down time away from the computer is important for our well-being, however, and the only way we’re going to get that is by setting boundaries for ourselves.

I still struggle with this at times and find it easy to slip into a “When I have finished X project, then I’ll be more structured about my work day” mindset. The “If…when…” mentality is a slippery slope that offers glimpses of hope and change in the future but never allows those glimpses to become a reality. Start developing boundaries early in your business and make them a habit.

4. Get support

Starting out as an entrepreneur or freelancer can be an exciting time, and it can also be very lonely.

When we look at our business role models, we tend to assume that they’ve done everything themselves when the truth is that they’ve had support from coaches, mentors and teams for years. Your business will grow much faster, and you’ll feel much happier in the process, if you can form a supportive community around you.

This might be in the form of a mastermind with fellow entrepreneurs, a group coaching programme, or individual support from a mentor or coach. The kind of support you create isn’t as important as having some kind of support network in the first place.

By following these suggestions in my own life, I’ve managed to create a business and life that feels exciting, fulfilling, and aligned with what’s important to me. Shifting your relationship to your business and life might feel challenging at first, but if you apply one of these points at a time, you’ll be in the best position to share your gifts with the world and have an awesome time doing it.

How do you take care of yourself while creating a thriving business?

Blog Tour SidebarDo you want to create a self-care practice that works for you? From Coping to Thriving is a six-week experience that will change the way you think about self-care and revolutionise your relationship with yourself. If you’ve been struggling to take care of yourself while building a business, join us for six weeks of group coaching with a community of like-minded kindred. To find out more and register, click here.




The Truth About My Second Year in Business

by Ashley on September 9, 2014 · 6 comments

the truth about my second year in business

Last week I shared a month-by-recap of my first year in business. We wrapped up with me finally reaching 100 newsletter subscribers, launching an interview series on my blog, writing an e-book, and signing my first paying client. Woohoo!

So now you’re probably wondering what my second year looked like, huh?

Thank goodness it was much more profitable (and much more fun!).

In my second year of business, I took my first business course, surpassed my previous monthly salary (from the 9-5 job), worked with over 70 (paying) clients, created a few new group programs, and launched a self-study course.

Here are the super fun details:

The Truth About My Second Year in Business

February 2013

Took headshots

Launched Transition Made Easy (made $500)

Quit my day job (!!!)

Signed second paying client

March 2013

Went on a guest posting spree + wrote 25 posts

Signed up for B-School

Brainstormed new group program that would become Dream Quest

Launched my first group, PassionPower, with 4 clients

Created my first editorial calendar

April 2013

Ran PassionPower group

Was interviewed on Blacksburg Belle and Organized Creatives

Completed B-School

May 2013

Posted in Yes and Yes‘ Network of Nice- offered 5 free 30 min coaching calls

Ran my first Pay What You Want special for my coaching services (made $4773 + surpassed my 9-5 monthly salary for the first time!)

Ran 31 Cups of Magic

Guest blogged for Tiny Buddha

Newsletter grew from 283 to 579 subscribers

June 2013

Advertised on Yes and Yes (3 months)

Opened registration for Dream Quest

Posted on Kind Over Matter

Bought Brandgasm

July 2013

Began Dream Quest

Brainstormed idea for Free Fall, contacted bloggers

Brainstormed new group, Say Yes To You

August 2013

Began writing Cake For Breakfast

Contacted designer for Cake for Breakfast

Ran Say Yes To You group

Guest blogged for MindBodyGreen

Began brainstorming collaboration project with Stephanie, would become Jump

September 2013

Ran Free fall

Finished Cake for Breakfast + prepare launch

Ran 30 Cups of Magic again

Open Say Yes to You group registration

October 2013

Launched Cake for Breakfast

Run Say Yes to You group

November 2013

Ran 30 Cups of Magic: Gratitude Edition

Ran second Pay What You Want special

Began working with my own business coach

December 2013

Opened registration for Dream Quest

Guest blogged for MindBodyGreen again

Newsletter subscribers grew from 1,268 to 1,644!

And that wraps up my second year in business. Obviously things picked up a bit.

This was the year I felt like I finally found my groove. Clients were coming to me, instead of the other way around. I surpassed my monthly salary from my 9-5 job and that’s when it all began to feel “official”.

That was the moment I realized, “Hey, I can actually do this and be successful!”

It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took 18 months.

But I made it.

Now it’s your turn! In the comments below, tell me, how will you know when you’ve made it in your business?

[photo credit: @N07]



The Truth About My First Year in Business

by Ashley on September 2, 2014 · 23 comments

the truth about my first year in business

I didn’t reach six figures.

In fact, I didn’t even reach four figures!

My first year in business wasn’t like those incredible success stories you read about so often.

My story unraveled much more slowly. With many more twists and turns.

If I had to describe it in a few words, here’s what I’d say:

Hard. Confusing. Humbling. 

As a Type A perfectionist, I tend to excel at whatever I put my mind to. (Not to brag, but it’s kiiiinda the truth.)

I mean, I’m straight A honor student, Magna Cum Laude, Ivy League graduate, world traveller, with a huge dose of ambition and self-discipline.

So when I decided to launch my business, I thought I’d be a huge success within a few months. I’d heard about other people doing it, so I figured I could make the leap too (and maybe even do it better)!

Boy, was I wrong.

Here’s what those first 12 months actually looked like:

January 2012

Got the idea to create a life coaching business

Brainstormed names, target market, services + products

Wrote first draft of business plan (that I haven’t looked at since, ha)

February 2012

Bought domain, began blogging at

Set up email address and twitter account

Contacted Ashley at Little Leaf to design my website

Researched other coaches, signed up for their newsletters (How are they doing this + being successful?)

March 2012

Continue researching + learning from other coaches

Set up YouTube account

Created first product: A Super Awesome You: The Workbook

April 2012

Created mailchimp account + newsletter list

Got 10 subscribers

Sent first newsletter: “How to live a super awesome life”

Set up P.O. Box

Set up paypal account

Asked friends to edit A Super Awesome You: The Workbook

Officially launched Your Super Awesome Life + workbook- 4/16

Brainstormed next project: “What I Wish I Knew” collaboration e-book

Emailed bloggers + coaches to participate in “What I Wish I Knew”

May 2012

Launched “What I Wish I Knew” ebook

Got 7 new newsletter subscribers + first unsubscriber

June 2012

Won scholarship for Blogging for Your Creative Business by April Bowles-Olin

July 2012

Wrote two guest posts

Created Write Here Right Now, a series of 52 journaling prompts

August 2012

Decided I no longer wanted to coach teen girls, switched to 20-somethings

Offered 5 free 30-min coaching calls via twitter

September 2012

Created first newsletter opt-in freebie: Your Free Starter Kit For Your Super Awesome Life

Gave away 100 free coaching calls

Began brainstorming a new course that would become The Dream Catching Workshop

Sold 4 copies of Write Here Right Now

October 2012

Continued doing free calls, gathered testimonials

Paid for a sponsored ad on Yes and Yes

Wrote two guest posts : When I Grow Up Coach, Tiffany Han

Launched Dream Catching Workshop- 1 person signed up

Joined Stratejoy’s Get it Off the Ground group

By the end of the month, did 79 free coaching calls and had 65 newsletter subscribers

November 2012

Launched book club- no one shows up

Signed up for Amanda Genther’s PowerPlay

December 2012

Sent out Christmas cards to anyone who wanted one, with a discount code

January 2013

Reached 100 newsletter subscribers!

Launched Inspirational Interview series

Began writing Transition Made Easy

Booked first paying client (3 month package)

So, there ya have it.

An honest and open look at my first 12 months.

I wanted to share my story because I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Starting a business is SO SCARY. You’re taking a huge leap of faith with all your dream-eggs in one basket. You’re putting yourself out there and hoping that your dream clients will say, “Yes, we love you too!”

With all those stories of new businesses reaching multiple six-figures in the blink of an eye, it can make those of us with different paths feel like we’re not good enough or we’re not trying hard enough.

But that’s not the case at all.

We’re all on different timelines.

Some of us have no business background and others have an MBA and years of marketing training. Some of us are a natural at sales and some of us just wanna hide under a rock.

There’s no “right” way for your first year in business to turn out. {tweet that!}

As long as you have a passion and drive, you’ll get there. Just keep going.

Now I wanna know, how is (was) your first year of business different than you expected?

Tell me in the comments below so we know we’re all in this together. :)

P.S. I’m hosting a free call this Thursday, 9/4, on “How I Got My First 1,000 Subscribers” and I think you’ll love it! Click here to grab your seat now!

[photo credit: sebastiansilva]



You’ve got big dreams for your business. $10k months. A wait-list full of dream clients. Waking up each morning feeling stoked that you get PAID to be awesome.

(Yes, please!)

Problem is, you feel overwhelmed. You feel stressed out. You feel stuck.

Should you focus on growing your list? Re-write your copy (for the bajillionth time)? Or maybe it’s time to launch a new program?

There’s SO MUCH to do and you have no friggin’ idea where to start.

What you want is momentum. You want action. You want results.

And, hot dang, you want a laser-focused plan to get you there!CLB-Divas-Ashley-2-71

Well, you’re in luck, friend. That’s exactly what I do.

I can help turn your dreaded overwhelm into business-building moxie, and your hazy vision into a simple step-by-step (ooh, baby) 6 month plan to make it happen.

You’ll know what to work on each day, so you can stop procrastinating. You’ll be able to track your progress, so you can reach your goals. And basically, you’ll kick all manner of butt, every day.

When you know the next steps to take in your business, you’ll be able to spend more time and energy on things that matter, like attracting new clients! But not just any clients, your dreamiest dream clients. Yay!

And once you and your dream clients find each other… Magic.

Your business grows. You make more cash. And you do 6.8 more happy dances a week! (It’s science, trust me.)

So, let’s get this party started, okay?

Here’s the plan: You. Me. 90 minutes.

Your Business Kick-Start.

Hold up! I want MY dream clients too. I’m looking for daring women who know how to dream big + get stuff done. My dream clients are passionate about their business and are ready to dig in and see real results. (With a side of cupcakes, wine, & T-Swift dance parties.)

But you don’t have to take my word for it.


Ashley completely turned my life around. She helped me transform my overwhelming ideas into attainable action steps and was my biggest cheerleader the whole time. She knew exactly what I needed to get my business started.



Stephanie H.

Throughout our session, while we’re becoming BFFs, I’ll ask the right questions, and take notes about you, your business, and where you want to be. Then we’ll work together to create a step-by-step (drool-worthy) action plan to carry you and your biz through the next 6 months.

I mean, you’re not just paying for a 90-minute session.

You’re getting a non-judgmental, outside perspective on your business, high quality feedback, and clear direction on where to go next.

You’re getting a super awesome partner for business brainstorming and strategizing. (We’ll be like Thelma and Louise… with a much happier ending, and considerably less driving over cliffs.)

You’re learning how to make the best use of your time, be more productive, and make your business more profitable. (Then you can finally afford to hire the Spice Girls to reunite for your next birthday! Whaaaat? Just me?)

And we’re gonna have fun!

Here’s how it works:


  • Within one business day of booking your session, you’ll receive Your Business Kick-Start Workbook in your inbox.
  • At least one day before your session, fill out Your Business Kickstart Workbook and send it back to me. Then I’ll reply and double check that we’re good to go.
  • Get excited because all those business dreams you had while stuck at your J-O-B are about to come true!


  • Just before we meet: Pull out Your Business Kick-Start Workbook, grab a cup of your favorite tea, jot down your questions, and eliminate all those pesky distractions. Let’s get ready to rumble!
  • I’ll call you via Skype.
  • This is the fun part! We’ll breeze through some introductions and dive into the important stuff. For 90 minutes, we’ll laser in on your big vision and create a wildly effective 6 month business plan, customized just for you.
  • We’ll wrap up with any final questions + make sure you know how to set these plans into unstoppable motion.


  • Within one business day, I’ll send you…
  • A gorgeous PDF of your step-by-step action plan
  • A short follow-up survey to get some helpful feedback about our time together
  • A [super secret] bonus PDF with helpful tools for eliminating procrastination and powering through roadblocks

Listen, this session is legit going to change the way you do business.

You’re gonna be brimming with confidence and proud of what you’re offering. You’re gonna have a super awesome business action plan to make your business fun AND profitable.

I can promise you that.

I don’t know what you’re waiting for… Let’s do this thing!

To schedule your session, click this link and follow the instructions.

Fall 2014 Rate: $149


You’ll wanna:
1. Schedule your session.
2. Make your payment.
3. Check your email for your Business Kick-Start Workbook
4. Pour yourself a glass of wine because you totally deserve it!


Ashley was so well organized (a must for any other non-linear thinking types like me out there) and so thorough that I had the clearest picture of how to grow my list and what (very doable) action items it would take to do so as a solo business owner.

Amy CQ


Ashley's enthusiasm is contagious, and her coaching will help you achieve more than you thought possible. I’ve already recommended that my best friends work with Ashley because she’s the smart, funny, wise, and caring coach you need in your corner when you want to see big changes in your life.


Abby A.


With Ashley's help, I have begun to take the necessary steps toward starting my own life coaching business and, most importantly, I recently made the leap to taking coaching calls — a huge step!




Kristi S.

hattie b

I booked a session with Ashley because I was struggling with where to start.

The workbook I received before we even spoke gave me space to organise the crazy whirl of thoughts I had going round and round in my head.  During our session Ashley really helped me get under the skin of my dream client - in fact we created such a clear picture of her I felt I'd know her if I saw her walking down the street.

I came away with a brand new bio, a clear plan to revise my opt-in offer, and the confidence to pitch blogs much bigger than my own.  Just one week since my session and my web traffic has more than doubled and I've already grown my list by 66%, and I haven't even implemented everything I learnt yet!

Hattie B.

Ready to do this? (Me too!) Let’s get started!