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about1Grab a cupcake and a glass of your favorite wine because we’re about to get started!

My name is Ashley Wilhite and I want to help you live your super awesome life while creating a freedom-based business.

You are meant to do big things and live a life you’re completely in love with, and I honestly believe that if you’re stuck behind a cubicle and hate your job, life will pass you by and the world will miss out everything amazing that you have to offer.

So, you can choose to ignore that fire burning deep inside you to start your own business. You can distract yourself from those just-out-of-reach goals you’ve been daydreaming about for years. You can convince yourself that you never really wanted it anyway.

But we all know you want (and deserve) more than that.

You deserve a life built around your values, a life that lets you do the work you love, travel where your heart desires, and feel full of gratitude at every moment.

That’s why I created Your Super Awesome Life. I am starting a radical movement for freedom-seekers like you. We’ll clear out the emotional clutter, blast away your fears, rise up past the self-doubt, and finally build the business you’ve always imaged.

I’ll show you how to set up the foundation, grow your list, and set up programs that  bring in your dream clients so you can finally feel that irresistible sense of freedom. Oh yeah!

So jump in! This is your super awesome space to spill your heart, share your dreams, work through your fears, and begin living a life you actually love.

If you want to work with me, I offer individual and group coaching, or you can check out my shop full of digital guides and courses to jump-start your dreams today.

I promise you’ll leave here feeling inspired, empowered, and lighter than a pink balloon on your birthday.

About Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m obsessed dancing around my bedroom like no one’s watching. Pink is my favorite color and winter is my favorite season. I could eat an entire cheesecake if left alone. My favorite thing in life is hearing your story and helping you figure out how to make your life shine like the brightest star you’ve ever seen. I also don’t think you should ever take life so seriously that you forget to have fun. So nice to meet you!


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with 3,000+ hours of supervised training; I received a dual Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies + French from Baylor University in Waco, Texas; and a Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University in New York, New York.

Before creating Your Super Awesome Life, I spent three and a half years as a Counselor at a non-profit agency serving children, youth and families in crisis. I even presented a workshop on building healthy relationships at a national conference one time, which was totally surreal.

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, but now spend my time traveling to see my boyfriend in Nova Scotia, hanging out with friends in Texas, and traveling as often as possible. It’s the best.


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Ashley completely turned my life around.


Ashley completely turned my life around. She helped me transform my overwhelming ideas into attainable action steps and was my biggest cheerleader the whole time. I felt like Ashley really cared and was invested in my success. She knew exactly what I needed to get my business started. If you're looking for a generous, smart, and all around awesome coach, then you should definitely hire Ashley. Go do it right now!


Stephanie Hall


Other Fun Facts About Me:


  • After running three half-marathons since February 2012, I completed the Chicago marathon (my first!) on October 13, 2013.
  • I moved to NYC for graduate school with only two suitcases and $1,000 in the bank. It was one of the most terrifying and exhilarating days of my life.
  • In grad school, I worked as an intern in the Bronx, teaching adults with schizophrenia how to cope with grief and loss. They taught me how to appreciate my freedom and Gilmore Girls.
  • One time I gave away 100 free coaching calls and learned that I get a rush from meeting new people, hearing their stories, and connecting over a hot cup of cinnamon apple spice tea.
  • After graduating from college, I took a year off to live in France, teach English, drink red wine, and perfect my crepe-making skills. It was totally as amazing as it sounds.
  • My boyfriend, Peter and I met through blogging five years ago. I visit him in Nova Scotia, Canada as often as possible. I love a good love story and a fun adventure.
  • I once spent a long weekend exploring Venice by myself. This is when I discovered that I don’t actually enjoy traveling alone, as romantic as it sounds.
  • On my Life List: become a certified yoga instructor, see Hanson in concert (at least one more time!), and have coffee with Brene Brown.

The Boring Ol’ Professional Bio: Ashley Wilhite is a Licensed Professional Counselor and graduated from Baylor University with a dual bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies and French. She spent a year teaching English in France before obtaining her master’s degree in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. After graduation she began counseling at-risk youth, providing individual, family, and group counseling. Ashley realized something was missing and she wanted to do more, so she refocused her energy and created Your Super Awesome Life, a site that helps women live a super awesome life while creating a freedom-based business.


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