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10 Things I Loved In October

by Ashley on October 31, 2012 · 1 comment

Last month I read this post from Amy and thought it was such a fun idea and a great way to recap the month by highlighting the best parts of the last 30 days. I think taking the time to express gratitude and be thankful is incredibly important and one of the ways that we increase our happiness and joy, which of course is a good thing. So I decided to play along this month.

Here are 10 Things I Loved in October:

1. Taking a week off work and visiting Peter in Canada– where I am now! Of course I love having time away from work, but nothing is better than spending time with the guy you love. Plus, the weather has been pretty great considering how awful it could have been with the hurricane.

2. Preparing for my big move (on Sunday!) and clearing out so much junk. I’ll write more on this tomorrow when I recap my October intentions and share my intentions for November, but let’s just say that it feels incredibly freeing to purge boxes and bags full of things you no longer need. Also, I found this gem of a folder from my high school days. Hi, Justin!

3. My Get It Off the Ground group. Last night we had our third call and each week I’m left feeling refocused, inspired, and with a to do list that I can’t wait to tackle. Definitely one of the best parts of October for me.

4. Picking out a pumpkin with Peter for the second year in a row (we officially have our very own holiday tradition!). We have plans to carve it this afternoon and I cannot wait.

5. Meeting Danielle LaPorte and spending the day surrounding by the most inspiration possible.

6. Spending an evening with Linda and Anita writing love letters, eating pretty cupcakes, and catching up on life. I love those girls so much! And the cupcakes were delicious.

7. Linda and I also went to see 100 minutes of Ryan Gosling and that was pretty much the perfect evening. Hot dude, yummy drink, and cute puppies!

8. Lunch with my co-workers, this gorgeous view, and planning our presentation at a national conference. So cool!

9. I bought myself this ring and I’m in love. I don’t care that it looks like an engagement ring. I’ll be engaged to myself. It’s so pretty!

10. Pumpkin ice cream. Need I say more? No? Okay.

October was a pretty great month, even with a few stressful moments. The good definitely outweighed the bad. November, I hope you’re just as lovely!

What are you grateful for? What’s on your top 10 list for October?

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Stephany November 1, 2012 at 10:16 am

What a fun, full month you’ve had! I’m so glad you got to spend a week with Peter. Yay!


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