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3 Signs You’ll Never Reach Your Fantasy Goal

by Ashley on April 3, 2013 · 0 comments

fantasy goal

Go skydiving. Run a marathon. Spend a year in Australia. Open a cupcake shop in Paris. Buy an island. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Try 100 different types of cheese. Meet Taylor Swift.

I’m all for having an insane, ridiculously big fantasy goal.

I love the freedom of daydreaming and the infinite possibilities. I love the imagination involved and the security blanket created by the “fantasy” of it all. These goals are so outrageous and so far off in the future that we can’t imagine crossing them off out Life List anytime soon. They’re huge, they’re exciting, and they’re incredibly safe (because they’ll probably never happen).

Fantasy goals are the perfect environment for stagnation, lack of effort, and denial. It’s so easy to push them off into some distant time in the future and ignore the hard work they require.

So, how do you know if you’ll ever actually accomplish your fantasy goal? If you’re clear about why you want to accomplish this goal, have a  timeline for yourself, and have begun taking smaller steps toward your goal, you’re headed in the right direction. Awesome!

But what if five years pass and you’re not an inch closer?

3 Signs You’ll Never Reach Your Fantasy Goal

1. You Can’t Get Started

When your fantasy goal is bigger than anything else you’ve attempted, it can be too overwhelming and leave you paralyzed by fear. We become afraid of what other people will think, afraid that we aren’t good enough, and afraid that we will fail. Then we start creating excuses so we don’t have to get started. “I really want to move to LA, but I can’t start looking for jobs there this week because I’m just so busy.” These excuses hold us back and keep us from making progress toward our goal.

2. You Live By “If… Then…”

I’m sure you’re quite familiar with this one. “If I get my MBA, then I’ll start researching how to own a bakery…” or “If I could just lose 15 pounds, then I’d definitely start training for a half-marathon…” You tell yourself that you’ll feel more confident when you have a job that pays better. You’ll make more time for writing a novel after this huge project at work wraps up. You’ll buy those hiking boots after you pay off your student loan debt. But if you’re honest with yourself, the “then” hardly ever happens. You continue making these empty promises to yourself with no accountability and no follow-through plan. The bets way to kick this to the curb is to start doing something that brings you closer to your goal today.

3. You Choose Now

It’s so easy to make choices that feel good in the moment and bring you instant happiness. Eat the cheesecake, take the job offer with the big bucks, continue dating that loser, sleep in every day. We all crave instant gratification, but when your ultimate goal includes something other than living a mediocre life, you will have to make sacrifices. We must turn down happy hour invitations in order to save money or spend Saturday mornings at the gym to follow our intense training program. It’s not fun or glamorous, but it’s the only way to actually reach your goal.

Now do a little introspection and look at yourself and your fantasy goal. Are you being held back by fear or excuses? Are you taking the necessary steps toward making your fantasy goal a reality?

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