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4 Easy Ways to Grow Your List

by Ashley on July 14, 2014 · 0 comments

grow your list

I don’t know about you, but when I first started Your Super Awesome Life, the idea of building an email list was totally over my head. It seemed like a something gross internet marketing strategy and really, I had no idea how to get started or how it would help me get new clients.

But over the past two and a half years, I’ve learned that having a list is crucial to having a thriving business and I’ve learned how to get over 2,400 subscribers (hi, friends) in a way that feels totally authentic and fun for me.

By building my list, I’ve been able to reach more people all over the world and make a bigger difference + get new clients, just by sending an e-mail.

I’ve been able to quit my emotionally draining 9-5 job, sign over 40 new clients doing work that I love, book my first professional photo shoot in LA, and double my income in 6 months.

Now I have a thriving coaching business, get to work with incredible women, helping them go after their dreams and make the world a better place. I get to travel, set my own schedule, and work from anywhere in the world. Plus, I hardly ever get stressed out, I wake up feeling refreshed, and am actually excited to get out of bed each morning. And I want that for you too.

In case you didn’t know, building your e-mail list is the biggest key to easily attracting more of your dream clients so you can make more money and begin living your own version of a super awesome life.

So let’s dive into this and explode your list!

4 Easy Ways to Grow Your List

1. Get super clear on what you have to offer

When you’re honest about who you are and how you want to use your skills and talents to serve the world, everything begins to fall into place and things in your business become easy. Work begins to feel like play. You wake up excited on Monday morning.

If you don’t do this and just create a business because you think it will bring you tons of clients and you’ll reach 6 figures super quick, or you ignore a part of yourself, you’ll burn out fast. You’ll feel fake and your work becomes a drag.

So ask yourself, “What’s my story? What’s going to attract people to me? What makes me unique? Why do people want to work with me? How can I best help my dream client?”

2. Identify your dream client and become her BFF

When you’re running a business, you’re selling something to someone, right? So, we need to zero in on who exactly it is you’re trying to selling to. I like to call this person your Dream Client.

The cool thing is, once you know your dream client and she becomes a real person to you, you’ll be in the delicious position to make your business stand out by creating fabulous products and services they love.

Here are 3 questions to help you identify your dream client:
1. Who comes to mind when you think, “Gosh, if I could just get my hands on them, I KNOW I could help them?
2. Who are you a few steps ahead of?
3. Who needs you the most?

3. Create an irresistible opt-in freebie

Based on everything you know about your dream client, what would she most like in exchange for signing up for your newsletter?

Some customers want a discount code for your Etsy shop, while others will want an eBook, free template, or printable calendar. Some want a video to watch and other want a podcast.

Think about your dream customer and brainstorm 3 types of freebies she’d most like to get her hands on. If you’re still not sure, this post will help.

Now that you have a good idea of the type of freebie you’ll be offering, it’s time for the fun part: the content!

Ask yourself, “What are my areas of expertise that my dream client would love to know more about?”

4. Put yourself out there

Once you’ve created your opt-in freebie, it’s time to begin building your community and growing your tribe.

You want to think of ways to let people get to know you, to introduce them to your work, and (hopefully) have them sign up for your newsletter.

Guest blogging is a great way to do this. Find out what blogs your dream client is reading and write guest posts for those sites. Include a bio at the end of your post with a link to your website, inviting them to sign up for your opt-in freebie.

If blogging isn’t your thing, you can host free trainings/classes/webinars to connect with potential dream clients.

Now get out there and starting growing your list!

P.S. If you loved this and want to learn more ways to build your community and grow your list, join us for 6 weeks of list-building strategies in Explode Your List. Doors close on Thursday, 7/17!

EXPLODE your list

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