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Doodling for Self-Care

by Ashley on March 26, 2014 · 0 comments

Happy Wednesday, friends! If you’re like me and you’re always looking for new ways to practice self-care, you’re going to love this post! Jenipher Lyn is an artist who specializes in whimsical, punny illustrations and she’s sharing her tips on doodling for self-care. Read away!

doodling for self-care

Often I wake up anxious (like WAYYYY too often!) but I’ve learned that if we take care of ourselves when we feel this way, our lives would be SOOO much better!!

SO! I’ve come up with a few tips to help BREAK THROUGH the icky feelings when we first feel them. (Can someone remind me of this later when I’m feeling icky?) ;)

Step 1:
Make tea! [I find boiling tea bags to be quite wonderful!]

Step 2:
Grab paper (I like computer paper but whatever you like works) and your FAVORITE pens. (this is the time to use all those pretty pens you bought but never use)


Step 3:
Some people might call this a “brain dump”, but I like to call it a doodle dump. It’s my way of not only dumping the things in my head that ‘I have to do asap!’ but also what I’m feeling that’s stopping me from having a good day. ie: why am I anxious today?!?!

So answer me this… “What is STOPPING you today?”

Let’s doodle that out okay?

It can be an intricate, colorful, or as simple as you like!

I’ll show you a few different versions from the last few days.




And sometimes, if I let myself sit a moment, I can shake my feelings long enough, GRAB some watercolors and slap color on a piece of cardstock… and then doodle what is stopping me the most TODAY.

When I got up from making that watercolored doodle, I felt like the CORE reason I was anxious was drained out of me. At least a little bit… And it freed enough of my mind, to have a MUCH better day. :)


PS: Often my doodle dumps are VERY confusing to look at for someone else, but freeing for me! They don’t usually look as ‘put together-ish’ as the watercolor doodle. BUT, no matter what yours looks like, you just helped yourself more forward!!! A virtual high five to you dear friend!! :D


Jenipher Lyn is an artist who specializes in whimsical, punny illustrations. She just wrote & illustrated an encouraging book for teen girls and strives to save the world, one doodle at a time.
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