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The Downside Of Becoming a Coach + How To Do It Differently

by Ashley on January 20, 2014 · 2 comments

find your sweet spot

So you’ve decided you wanna become a coach.

Problem is, everyone and their mom is already out there rockin’ it and bringing in the big bucks claiming to be a Manifesting Guru, Marketing Diva, Action Plan Activator, or Branding Goddess.

It seems like the coaching world is over-saturated and you’re not quite sure how you and your business are going to stand out.

You definitely don’t want to be “just another coach,” but you’re not exactly sure what makes you unique yet.

Now, most business advice will tell you that this is when you should zero in on your niche. Find your people. Determine their biggest struggle. Solve that problem.

But here’s my beef with that:

When you start by choosing a niche, you’re completely ignoring your personality, your talents, your skills, and what makes you you.

So, how do you do it differently?

Find your Sweet Spot.

Your Sweet Spot just another way of determining what makes you unique in a crowded marketplace.

It’s the intersection of your passions, your natural talents, and what people will pay you to do.

Finding your Sweet Spot is one of the most important things you can do for your business.


  • It sets you apart from the competition
  • It guides you to create products/services that your dream clients will absolutely love
  • It ensures that you LOVE your business (and your life!) every single day

When you truly understand your Sweet Spot, you’ll feel more confident and have so much more clarity on how to grow your business. And that’s what you want, right?

How to Find Your Sweet Spot

1. Uncover Your Passions

What makes you so uncontrollably thrilled you can’t stand it? What would your ideal day look like? What would make you the most excited to wake up each morning? How do you love to work with people? Would it include hosting self-care retreats in Hawaii, writing a book from your laptop, or hosting weekly group meetings at your local community center? 

2. Identify Your Natural Strengths

What comes so easily to you that it doesn’t feel like work at all? What awards have you won? What do your friends ask you to help them with on a regular basis? Is it planning your meals for the week? Helping your BFF talk through her most recent break-up? Think outside the box and peel away the layers to find your strengths.

3. Pinpoint What Your Dream Client Wants

What would be your dream client’s ultimate fantasy of how your product or service is delivered? Is it a customized cleanse where you raid her pantry and do all her grocery shopping? Is it a weekly Skype call to check in and hold herself accountable with her action plan? Use your imagination and let your creative juices flow. 

Now look back over your answers and circle (or put a star or smiley face next to) the ideas in the first section that you believe clients would want to pay for. Then circle ideas from the second section that you actually want to provide.

Mix-and-match until you find a combination where you can provide immense value that clients are happy to pay for.

Voila! Your Sweet Spot is now crystal clear and you’re ready to be a stand-out coach!

If you loved this exercise and are interested in learning more about how to stand out in the crowd, we go super deep into branding, marketing, and finding your sweet spot in Jump: Into your business, your life, your dream, a must-have digital guide for new coaches + creatives.

You can grab your copy here.

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Laura Yamin January 22, 2014 at 4:33 pm

I know you hit the point which is finding that sweet spot is so important. What I found for me in my own journey as I build my practice that I have to take action and implement. See which one resonates with my clients. Make adjustments as needed. Yup it means stop waiting until I am ready and actually getting things done!


M Chappell September 13, 2014 at 11:01 am

Is there a place for males to be coaches and if so what would be the biggest demand field for such. Thank you


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