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Find Your Goal-Crushing Mojo + Make 2015 The Best Year Yet

by Ashley on November 20, 2014 · 3 comments

Tired of setting goals, only to let yourself down a few weeks later? You have the best of intentions, but for some reason (fear, self-doubt, procrastination?) you just can’t follow through.

Oh, I hear ya. It doesn’t have to be that way, though…

Let 2015 be the year you do it better.

Find your goal-crushing mojo

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

Quit your job. Write a book. Start your business. Start a blog. Apply to grad school. Audition for Broadway. Complete yoga teacher training. Move to Paris.

Imagine what you’d do if you knew you couldn’t fail.

Really picture it.

Do you see it? Can you almost feel it? Are you ready to go after it?

Here’s the crazy truth for most of us:

We’re afraid that life is passing us by and that one big dream we have is slipping away.

We’ve tried to make progress toward that fantasy goal, but constantly find ourselves held back by fear and bogged down by procrastination.

We keep telling ourselves it just isn’t the “right time”.

But really, we know we just need to step up and make it happen.

Here’s your chance:

Dream Quest: Your Journey Begins Now is a free mini-course that will give you the tools you need to take action and make 2015 the best year ever.

Dream Quest: Your Journey Begins Now is a course for anyone who’s ever thought…

“Why does this happen every year? I have such good intentions to make my goals happen, but then I always drop the ball!”

“Ugh! What the heck is wrong with me that I can’t keep up with my goals?”

“Why does everyone else seem to crush their goals and I keep procrastinating?”

During this 10 day mini-course, you’ll receive daily video lessons + actionable homework to keep you on track to crushing your goals.

There will be guest speakers including Kyla Roma, Hannah Braime, and Tiffany Han.

There will be a private Facebook group, unlimited support and accountability, and major progress happening. 

It’s all about taking your one big goal and turning it into a super awesome reality.

Sound aca-awesome?

Read on…

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

Day 01. How to get super clear on what you want + make it happen.

Day 02. How to break your goal up into teeny, tiny steps that are totally manageable.

Day 03. How to create foolproof systems that make crushing your goal easy as pie.

Day 04. How to STOP being held back by fear and start owning your dreams with confidence.

Day 05. How to face that pesky inner critic (because you know she’ll rear her ugly head).

Day 06. How to stop flirting with procrastination and finally make progress toward your goal.

Day 07. How to maintain momentum, even when you don’t feel motivated.

Day 08. How to bust through hard days and become a goal-crushing rockstar.

Day 09. How to be a more authentic version of yourself while going after your goals.

Day 10. How to ensure success and begin living your super awesome life.

I created Dream Quest: Your Journey Begins Now because I’m tired of people feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and frustrated when they don’t reach their goals. (Especially, me.)

I’ve gathered up my most helpful tips, tools, and secret strategies to create this soul-feeding, bum-kicking, clarity-giving course!

The journey begins on Monday, December 1st.

And I think you’re going to loooooove it.

Grab your spot here.

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