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How to Find Your Sweet Spot In Business

by Ashley on May 21, 2014 · 0 comments

Do you ever think to yourself, “If I could just create a program that everyone loved, then my business would be successful!”… or “I wish I knew what set me apart from everyone else, then my business would really take off!”

If so, you may be suffering from the lack of a Sweet Spot. (Don’t worry, it’s totally curable!)

Your sweet spot is the intersection of your passions, your natural talents, and what people will pay you to do.

Without your sweet spot, you’re worried about all the tough competition and your confidence begins to get super shaky. Not cool.

But finding your sweet spot helps set you apart from the competition and everything else begins to fall into place. You begin creating programs people love AND love to pay you for. Yesssss.

Who wants that? I bet you do!

So, how do you find your sweet spot?

Watch this video to find out my easy 3 step process to find that elusive sweet spot (so your business can finally take off):

If you want to stopping wasting time struggling to find your sweet spot + finally stand out from the competition, The Freedom Factory might be perfect for you. You can check it out here.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below letting me know what you’re going to do to find your sweet spot today!

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