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Homemade Pizza and Life Lessons

by Ashley on August 29, 2012 · 0 comments


I made my very first homemade pizza on Sunday night. With homemade crust and everything!

It was such a fun and exciting experience, walking through the grocery story, choosing my special ingredients, and carefully placing them in my cart. Isn’t it funny how any normal trip to the store can turn into something full of possibilities when you know the outcome will be a delicious new masterpiece?

When I was back home and ready to get to work, I set out my ingredients on the counter and turned on the Joy the Baker podcast. It only seemed fitting since I snagged this pizza recipe idea from Joy and Tracy.

My dough was rising, my bacon was sizzling, my corn was sitting happily off the cob. I was ready. I had followed each direction to the tee, and even though the outside of my hatch green chili peppers didn’t slide off as easily as I expected, everything seemed to be going well.

Two hours later, I was ready to add the cheese and pop that baby in the oven.

That’s when I took the picture.

Obviously my pizza didn’t look as symmetrical as I had hoped. Mine was more of a blob than a neat little rectangle. When the cheese melted, it looked a bit more like a pizza, but still not as fancy or professional as Joy and Tracy’s.

And that’s when I heard a little voice.

“Your pizza isn’t very pretty.”

“Really, you couldn’t get the dough into a rectangle? Are you serious?”

“When you show this picture to the internet, they are going to see what an awful cook you are!”

“I bet that pizza even tastes bad.”

And then I snapped back into reality and reminded myself of something important.

Who the F cares?

Y’all, my pizza was delicious. Yeah, it wasn’t shaped like a rectangle, but like with any good thing in life, I prefer imperfections. They add character. They add flavor.

Did I really expect myself to be a pizza-making-professional on my very first try? No. I was making pizza for the experience. I was doing it because it was a fun idea and really, I just wanted pizza for dinner. When I started out, I had no other expectations. Just pizza.

And that’s where I bring myself back to when my inner critic rears her head. Back to the root of it all.

Our critic tends to come out when we’re feeling most vulnerable. So it’s important to remind ourselves of why we’re here, where our power is in this situation, and even acknowledge our imperfections. Usually when we do that, we realize that we’re actually okay with how things are at this moment.

Plus, there is no room for criticism when your belly is full of yummy pizza.

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