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Hopes and Dreams and Deep Dish Pizza

by Ashley on December 18, 2012 · 0 comments

Talking about my hopes and dreams is basically my most favorite thing ever. So when my friends and I were brainstorming fun ideas for our long weekend in Chicago and the idea of sharing our hopes and dreams was proposed, I knew it would be the best weekend. I was right.

When I arrived at O’Hare and saw the airport decorated (just like in Home Alone!), I stopped to take a picture. I mean, how could I not? It was so pretty and the perfect precedent to begin the weekend. Then there were cinnamon rolls and cups of coffee and train rides carrying our luggage to our new home for the next four days.

There were board games in a bar with hamburgers, chipotle fries, and local beer. There was a late breakfast, two almost-ice-skating experiences in Millennium Park, warm cups of coffee, and giggle-filled pictures in front of The Bean. Then there was a walk down Michigan Avenue with a trip up to the Signature Room and my first glass of bourbon.

There was deep dish pizza, a visit to a piano bar, and an ordered-in breakfast eaten on the living room floor. There was lunch at Billy Goats, museum wandering at the Art Institute, and sugary sweet Ginger Snap martinis. There was a tweet-up, a wine bar, and the sharing of so many hopes and dreams.

There was a blogger brunch with bottomless mimosas, a comedy show at Second City, and a trip to the top of Willis (Sears) Tower. There were funfetti pancakes, cups of gingerbread coffee, and Sleepless in Seattle. There were Christmas carols, walks in the rain, and multitudes of hand holding, tears, and so much love.

Making memories with people who get you is a really special thing. Opening your heart and sharing your hopes, dreams, fears, and insecurities with those people is priceless. I am so grateful that I have such amazing friends who are willing to be honest and push past their fears and share those moments.

This weekend I learned that it doesn’t matter what your hopes and dreams are, they still feel incredibly scary. And most of the time, you really have no idea what  in the heck you want you life to be, you just know you want to be happy. But talking about with people who support you and want you to live that life, that’s what it’s all about.

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