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Inspirational Interview: Erica Sawers

by Ashley on July 8, 2013 · 0 comments

This is one of our Inspirational Interviews in which we talk to people who have imagined big dreams, made them a reality, and are living a life they love. Today we are talking to Erica Sawers who is a chiropractor and nutritionist at

Erica Sawers

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a 30-something wife, mother, daughter, lover of life, seeker, teacher and truth teller. I have pursued a career in health and wellness as a chiropractor, nutritionist and adventurer in various healing traditions.

2. What does living a “super awesome life” look like for you?

A super awesome life for me has been being able to manifest my deepest desires, which have been to get married, have children and have a vocation I love! It also means getting up every day and doing my best at each one of those things, even if that just means seeing clients, taking care of my 2 year old, going to a yoga class or getting dinner on the table.

3. What inspired you to become a chiropractor and nutritionist?

I had back pain from the age of 16 and was inspired by some great chiropractors who helped me tremendously. I was also deeply inspired by my own struggles with good nutrition and understanding how that has impacted my health, my outlook and subsequently my life.

4. What has been your biggest challenge since deciding to start your own business?

My biggest challenge has been to market my business in a truthful, authentic, client based way that is also profitable.

5. What advice would you give to other women who are interested in making a career out of health and wellness?

I would say find a partner with a stable job! You are headed for an extremely rewarding career but make sure you are clear on how you will make money (what your product is), what you can provide for clients that is special and different, and love or learn to love marketing yourself. It’s not an easy path, but a very enjoyable one.

6. What little things in life right now make you you do a happy dance? Big things?

Well, I’m six months pregnant so I do a happy dance when I get through the day without a nap! It’s all about the little things for me so I don’t know what a big thing would be ;)

7. In the movie of your life, who would you want to play you?

Juliette Binoche…people say we look similar, and she’s an actress, so that seems fitting.

8. What is one thing you’d like to change about the world?

Ugh…health care, the insurance industry, the conflicting interests of policy, politics, big business, don’t get me started.

9. What quote best represents you or motivates you in your current place in life?

Be realistic: Plan for a miracle. -Osho

10. What inspires you to continue living a life you love each day?

Love itself inspires me…I get my inspiration from within. I think that comes from self-love and acceptance, which is something I continually work on. My husband also picks me up when I’m down, he is a wonderful man.

Thanks so much for sharing, Erica!

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