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Inspirational Interview: Rebecca Tracey

by Ashley on May 6, 2013 · 1 comment

This is one of our Inspirational Interviews in which we talk to people who have imagined big dreams, made them a reality, and are living a life they love. Today we are talking to Rebecca Tracey who is a Life-Switch Coach + Professional Adventure Instigator and spent most of 2012 rock climbing her way across North America!


1. Tell us a little about yourself!

Ouf… Where to start? I currently work as a Life-Switch Coach + Professional Adventure Instigator (ha! What a crazy job title!). I help people who want to do cool shit in their lives. I live in Toronto mostly, but am currently in the midst of a move to the Dominican Republic. It was always my dream to be able to work and travel on my own terms, so I created a business that lets me do that! I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it’s actually real.

2. What does living a “super awesome life” look like for you?

It looks like doing what I want to do when I want to do it. Having the freedom to make bold choices, follow my gut, and change my mind. I really value the ability to pick up and travel or move at the drop of a hat – to me that is super awesome. But my super-awesome life isn’t for everyone, and I always encourage my clients to figure out what THEIR super-awesome life looks like – because it’s different for everyone.

3. What was your journey like to become a Life-Switch Coach + Professional Adventure Instigator?

I honestly have no idea when it started. It was kind of always in me, but took years to actually reveal itself. I was studying holistic nutrition and I took a coaching course to help me go deeper with my nutrition clients. But after a while, I realized that I had NO interest in talking to people about food. Food was just a way of helping people make choices about their lives. And THAT’S what I was really passionate about – helping people make a choice about how they want to live their lives. After about a year of intentionally not working – I wanted to spend my time enjoying life and not stressing about work- I finally got to a point where I was like “Becca – it’s time. Do it already!”, and I started my coaching business then and there and didn’t look back. It’s not perfect, and I am always learning and growing and my business is always evolving, but I never would have known how it would go it I didn’t just START. So I’m a big advocate of just going for things, even if they don’t feel 100% clear, and trusting that they will evolve naturally into what they need to be.

4. You spent most of 2012 living in a ran, rock climbing your way around the Western US and Canada. So cool! What sparked that adventure?

Oh, that was just one in a string of many adventures :) My partner at the time and I had joked about buying a van and going on an epic trip, and we half jokingly started perusing Craigslist for a used campervan. Next thing you know, we bought one and were planning this trip! It was kind of a test for me – I had always wanted to be able to work AND travel at the same time, and I wanted to actually walk the talk and make it happen. I learned a LOT – like don’t try to grow a new business while you’re travelling :)


5. What advice to you have for other passion-powered women who want to do something big in life?

Don’t wait. Or if you do have to wait for whatever reason (money, other obligations), set a date. It holds you WAY more accountable. I hadn’t even started my business yet when we bought the van, but doing so forced me to get my ass in gear and get it started! I’d also say to them, don’t wait until you know exactly what you want to do. Just start doing something that feels kind of along the lines of what you think is right, and know that it will change as you go. Waiting for perfection will get you nowhere.

6. What little things in life right now make you you do a happy dance? Big things?

Lately, riding my bike (I’m gonna miss it like crazy in the Dominican!). Yoga. Raw chocolate that I make at home and eat the whole batch of at once. Big things = some new business offerings I am working on! I get psyched to try new things. My Uncaged Adventure Retreat that is happening next year! I’ve wanted to take people on adventures forever – another thing that I’m like “Becca! Why did you wait so long to do this!?” Travel – I’m writing this while I’m in Toronto, but you will be reading it when I’m living in the Dominican!

7. In the movie of your life, who would you want to play you?

I don’t care, as long her boyfriend in the movie gets to be Ryan Gosling. Or Zooey Deschanel. I love her irreverent attitude towards everything. Also, she is a total babe.

8. What is one thing you’d like to change about the world?

One thing? I’d want people to trust more. I think we lose out on a lot of experiences (and get stuck in ones we don’t want to be in) because we don’t trust ourselves.. don’t trust others…. don’t trust the world. It’d be nice if we weren’t held back so much my fear and lack of trust. Oh! I’d also change it so that if you ever got hit by a car while on your bike, you would just bounce off like a bouncy ball and land upright and keep on going. Then I could bike fast all over the place and not worry about dying.

9. What quote best represents you or motivates you in your current place in life?

“I could settle down. But I can’t settle”

I don’t know if this is a real quote, but I read it somewhere on the internet recently and it pretty much sums up where I’m at. I have pretty strong intuition about things, and I can always tell when I am settling. Sometimes it takes me longer to get out of it than others, but I always know. I’m learning to hone in on that intuition even more these days and use it to motivate my decisions. I will never be someone who settles. I literally don’t know how to “Just be happy with what I have”. I’m always looking for the next level of something. I’m always stepping up the game.

10. What inspires you to continue living a life you love each day?

The fact that I can! And seeing people around me who can’t. It makes me want to do even cooler shit, just to prove to them that it IS possible. Sometimes, I stare up at the stars and realize how ridiculously small and insignificant the world is. It seems to clear up all the bullshit for me and helps instill a super clear sense of knowing. If you ever have a big life problem you need an answer to, stare up at the stars for a few hours. You’ll get your answer ;)

Thanks so much for sharing, Rebecca!

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Pete May 9, 2013 at 8:58 am

Great blog and glad to see you are following your passions and helping us all love life even more.



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