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It’s The Little Things: Guest Post by Lauren Caselli

by Ashley on April 22, 2013 · 2 comments

Do you know those times when everyone seems like they’re so much better at life than you? When you’re the second (or third or fourth) hour into Facebook stalking your ex-boyfriend’s current fiance’s best friend and their bachelorette trip to Vegas? Or you’ve been reading blogs since you got home from work and now you’re too tired and uninspired to actually write your own?

Yea, me too. And since I quit my job to start my own gig as a copywriter, I’ve been feeling a bit shy of adequate recently. I worry about “making it”. I worry about being good enough. I worry that someone’s going to figure out that maybe I’m not as good of a writer as I say I am. (There’s a lot of worry. The space between my eyebrows is looking a little more wrinkly than it has in the past).

And then, as I was riding my bike home last week from a particularly good client meeting, wind flapping my hair against my dorky red helmet, jacket open, probably looking like I was a member of the Goonies, I realized…

…my life, as it is right now, is super awesome.

To be fair, it’s not all rainbow poops and Fred Astaire dancing in the streets. (Not my thing.) I’d like to get a few more pedicures, my daily running schedule is more like a monthly running schedule, and I’d like a little more permission from my bank account to eat at a fancy restaurant once in a while.

A lot of my friends from college are making six figures. They wear Jimmy Choos and Versace purses and travel to Vegas (weekly, it seems, as I’m checking my Facebook feed). They seem so together. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sometimes jealous of their seemingly super awesome lives (especially their Jimmy Choos).

But, what I’ve built in the last nine months since leaving NYC for Montana is awesome in a different way. I get up and choose an outfit that makes me feel good instead of an outfit that is approved by my company’s dress code. I make breakfast before I go to work, read the news while I’m sipping coffee, commute to my living room, meet awesome clients (like these guys! Holy moly look how cute their target dog-ience is!) and take breaks when I want to. I get to e-meet really super awesome bloggers (like Ashley!) and attend conferences if I feel it will help my business instead of if it’ll fit into the departmental budget. I bike everywhere (because I’ve never owned a car and am scared to get on the wagon).


It’s little things, you know? The morning coffee, the seriously productive day, the meeting after meeting after meeting that goes so well. It’s going for a walk at lunch time. It’s saying “quittin’ time” at noon because I’ve done everything on the To Do list for the day. It’s being able to say “This is how much I’m worth” and not apologizing, and people saying “I think you’re worth way more.” It’s freeing.

Sometimes it’s not about the Jimmy Choos. Or the trips to Vegas. Or living Facebook-worthy lives. Sometimes, it’s just about the little things.

What are the super awesome things about your life? I write 3 awesome things about my life everyday so that I can remind myself how very truly amazing I have it, even when everything feels super terrible and hard.

Lauren Caselli is a copywriter and content strategy maven. After five years as a corporate desk jockey in NYC, planning events for the well-heeled and white-collared, she hightailed it for the west coast in search of a calmer, more down home kind of life. She didn’t make it quite as far as California, instead opting for the cowboys and coveralls of Bozeman, MT. When she’s not dishing out sassy content, she’s probably talking herself out of wearing heels to a cowboy bar. Who wears heels to a cowboy bar?

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Lauren April 22, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Thanks for letting me play today! Whoohoo!


nikkiana April 22, 2013 at 5:40 pm

Well said, Lauren! Couldn’t agree more!


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