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12 Days of Love Letters

by Ashley on December 11, 2014 · 0 comments


Do you ever think about how you can spread more love throughout the world?

That’s exactly the mission behind More Love Letters.

More Love Letters is a global organization using the power behind social media to write and mail love letters to strangers in need all over the world. The mission is simple: Love big. Love fast. Love hard.

Each year, More Love Letters hosts The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. It’s MLL’s biggest + brightest campaign. In a nutshell: 12 days of letter requests. Lots of hot cocoa. A lot of good done. And bundles of hundreds of love letters dropped at strangers’ doorsteps.

And it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. (You can even check out my letters from 2013 and 2012.)

Today I’m writing a letter to Amanda.

A longtime friend of Amanda’s has requested letters on her behalf. Her friend writes, “Amanda is one of the bravest and happiest people I know. Recently she has been through a tough time and I think she deserves a little love and encouragement from the world. Amanda has lived with Muscular Dystrophy all her life but I have never known her to moan or grumble at her disadvantages. She has been brought up to be a strong and confident individual and never let her disability stop her from enjoying life. She goes horse riding and boxing with her friends and has been on action filled holidays to Canada and America. She is a leader for a Brownie Pack and loves everything to do with The Girl Guides; she organises parties and summer camp and is a inspiration to the youngsters. Recently however her life has turned upside down with the sudden passing of her mother. She was not just a parent to Amanda but a carer, friend, confidant and fellow Girl Guide leader. She will be missed sorely. Alongside this loss, Amanda’s health has been a bit rocky lately and she has had to cope with these trials without the support of her mother.”

Join us in putting pen to paper for this amazing young woman!



If you’d like to write Amanda a letter full of love and encouragement, you can send it here:

Amanda’s bundle
℅ R. Bayram
P.K. 22


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