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We Need You. All of You.

by Ashley on February 3, 2015 · 1 comment

We need you.

Dear You,

I know you’re scared. I know you’re wondering if this is the path you’re meant to take. I know your knees are shaking and your voice quivers whenever you start to speak your truth.

You’re wondering if your story is needed, if your ideas are valuable, and if your presence is worthy. (They all are.)


You’ve got this big dream, this magical idea of what life could be like, if you were only brave enough to stand up and follow your heart.

That dimly lit cubicle isn’t cutting it anymore. You’ve learned the ropes and know the ins-and-outs of this job like the back of your hand. You’re ready for something bigger. Something that makes your tummy flip, in the good way.

You imagine the day when you can finally live on your own terms. Fueling that spark inside you. Not worrying about what other people might think. Not worrying about embarrassment or failure because you’ll be embracing your passion and diving into your purpose.

You dream of becoming a coach so you can help other women discover their true selves. You dream of starting a business, being your own boss, and living a life of complete freedom. That’s what you truly want.

You’re scared, but you (so badly) want to listen to that tiny, yet fierce, voice inside of you, whispering that it’s time.




Well, lovely, this is your sign.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

You can trust yourself.

You’ve got brilliance to share with the world.

You’ve got strength and wisdom and creativity.

You are here for a reason. We’re waiting. And we need you. All of you.

I believe in you. I believe that you’ve got what it takes.

I also believe in juxtaposition.

You can be scared and courageous. You can be selfish and selfless. You can be timid and bold. You can be unraveling and in full bloom. You can be perfectly imperfect. You can be all of it and more.

That’s what makes us human. That’s what makes us whole and broken and beautiful. That’s what makes you you and me me.

And yes, still, we need you. Follow that voice. Listen to the truth behind it.

Let your truth be heard.


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Stephanie February 8, 2015 at 12:07 am

Hi Ashley!
Thank you for posting this and trying to motivate those like me who are starting out in this scary but amazing world of blogging and launching an online business. It’s funny I’ve never known how to describe myself and the word juxtaposition seems to fit the bill. I’m quiet but loud, shy but outgoing, serious but a goofball, etc. I’ve been following you for some time and have loved watching you grow. Keep it up and have a wonderful weekend! :) xo


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