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On Writing a Book (and Your Last Chance to Buy Cake for Breakfast – pay what you want)

by Ashley on June 11, 2015 · 0 comments

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been in a creative cave of sorts. There has been lots of journaling and meditating and reflecting on what I really, truly want in life.

During this introspection, one thing that has become alarmingly clear is that I want to write a book.

Yep. It’s gonna happen.

And through even more soul-searching, I’ve realized that this book has already been started. The initial concept was born back in 2013 when I created Cake for Breakfast

This book is going to be for women in their 20’s (and 30’s) who want to discover who they are, what they want, and how to make it happen. It’s going to include stories from my own life, stories from incredible women who’ve completed Cake for Breakfast, and snippets of the workbook to ignite a bigger spark.

So, to celebrate this amazing and momentous occasion, I want to offer you a special invitation to take your own bite of Cake for Breakfast.

Through Friday, June 12th, Cake for Breakfast is available at a special “Pay What You Can” price ($97 value).

(Just hit the “Buy Now” button and enter the price you want to pay!)

Cake for Breakfast is a self-guided course that will help you figure out who you are and what you want, so you can become exactly the women you want to be. 

(Not in your 20’s? That’s totally cool. This is still for you!)

You’ll learn how to:

peach heart  Create a life that makes you feel proud, fulfilled, and excited…every single day

peach heart  Free yourself from negative thoughts + attitudes, leaving more room for the good stuff

peach heart  Remove the guilty pressure you feel to be someone you’re not

peach heart  Recognize the things you do just to make other people happy…and release yourself from those responsibilities

peach heart  Stop feeling like you owe others an explanation for your choices

peach heart  Start giving honest answers to questions about what you want to do with your life

peach heart  Be happier in the here and now as you chase your dreams

What are you gonna get?

peach heart  A 50 page workbook full of exercises, prompts, and soul-sparking questions.

peach heart  Three 60-minute AUDIO sessions where I’ll guide you through exercises and walk you through the workbook

peach heart  52 weeks of journal prompts to inspire, motivate, and keep you on track–delivered straight to your inbox

My hope is that this course will help you begin living on your own terms so that you can finally have the life you’ve always imagined. No more status quo!

Click here to pay what you can for Cake for Breakfast ($97 value).

And if you know a friend who’d love this course as well, feel free to forward this email to them. The more the merrier!

P.S. Once this special sale is over, Cake for Breakfast will be discontinued until further notice (so I can turn it into a real live book!), so be sure to grab your copy now!


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