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Self-care for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit ($700 worth of products for only $72!)

by Ashley on June 3, 2014 · 0 comments


Do you struggle to balance self-care with day-to-day commitments? Do you like the idea of self-care but don’t know where to start? Are you positive that your own self-care needs go deeper than bubble baths and manicures, but don’t know what it looks like yet?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’ll love what I have to share with you today!

From now until 11:59pm PST on Thursday (5th June), you can download 19 digital products from coaches, writers, and health and well-being experts, and gift yourself an education in self-care for mind, body, and spirit. 

Self-care is one of those topics that is absolutely crucial, but very few of us take the time to learn about until we experience the negative consequences of not doing it.

If you love the idea of practicing self-care, but don’t know where to start, this is for you.

If you’re struggling to balance your daily commitments, this is for you.

If you know your self-care needs more than bubble baths and manicures, but feel stuck, this is for you

If you’ve been wanting to check out my signature courses, Cake for Breakfast and Jump, this is for you (they’re both included!).

This bundle is designed to be the “how to take care of yourself” module that we never received in school (but that would have been useful!).

When you download Self-Care 101, you’ll get my popular self-guided course for living life on your own terms Cake for Breakfast, my collaborative guide with Stephanie Hall to starting your own business Jump! Laying the Foundation, in addition to all the luscious ebooks, ecourses and programs below:

– Let it Go by Sas Petherick (value $25)
– Treasure Hunt: 30 Days of Photo Joy by Andrea Scher (value $49)
– Relax and Write: Guided Meditation & Self-Care Journey by Lynda Monk (value $19.95)
– Be Your Own Beloved: Creating Self-Care Policies by Vivienne McMaster (value $29)
– Living With Ease: 30 Days to Less Stress by Sandra Pawula (value $47)
– Homecoming: A Soulful Journey to Your Innermost Self by Cigdem Kobu (value $59)
– 31 Days of Deserving by Mara Glatzel (value $31)
– More Shenanigans Please by Tiffany Han (value $31)
– Eat Well Party Hard by Claire Suellentrop (value $15)
– The Aromatherapy Workbook by Elizabeth Milligan (value $7.99)
– Love Your Body the Way It Is by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt (value $9.99)
– 4 Weeks of Self-Knowledge by Hannah Braime (value $39)
– Peace of Mind and Body: 27 Days of Journaling by Mari McCarthy (value $18.97)
– The Seeker’s Journey by Loran Hills (value $49)
– Rev Up Your Metabolism After 40 by Amy Grams (value $119)
– Stop Being Mean to Yourself: Four Commitments to Self-Kindness by Lisa Zahn (value $29)
– From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of Life by Hannah Braime (value $14.98)

Awesome, right?

The total value of Self-Care 101 is over $700, but for 72 hours between 3rd and 5th June, you can get these products (plus two delightful bonuses) for just  $72.

When you download the bundle, you’ll also get access to a monthly interview series with selected contributors and a suggested lesson plan that you can use to soak up all the self-care goodness in the bundle without getting overwhelmed.

I’m so stoked to contribute to this bundle, and I hope it serves your self-care practice for years to come.

Click here to grab your bundle today.

P.S. Remember that this deal is only good until 11.59pm PT Thursday 5th June. $72 for 72 hours, so don’t forget to make the most of it!

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