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Your Business Kick-Start

You’ve got big dreams for your business. $10k months. A wait-list full of dream clients. Waking up each morning feeling stoked that you get PAID to be awesome.

(Yes, please!)

Problem is, you feel overwhelmed. You feel stressed out. You feel stuck.

Should you focus on growing your list? Re-write your copy (for the bajillionth time)? Or maybe it’s time to launch a new program?

There’s SO MUCH to do and you have no friggin’ idea where to start.

What you want is momentum. You want action. You want results.

And, hot dang, you want a laser-focused plan to get you there!CLB-Divas-Ashley-2-71

Well, you’re in luck, friend. That’s exactly what I do.

I can help turn your dreaded overwhelm into business-building moxie, and your hazy vision into a simple step-by-step (ooh, baby) 6 month plan to make it happen.

You’ll know what to work on each day, so you can stop procrastinating. You’ll be able to track your progress, so you can reach your goals. And basically, you’ll kick all manner of butt, every day.

When you know the next steps to take in your business, you’ll be able to spend more time and energy on things that matter, like attracting new clients! But not just any clients, your dreamiest dream clients. Yay!

And once you and your dream clients find each other… Magic.

Your business grows. You make more cash. And you do 6.8 more happy dances a week! (It’s science, trust me.)

So, let’s get this party started, okay?

Here’s the plan: You. Me. 90 minutes.

Your Business Kick-Start.

Hold up! I want MY dream clients too. I’m looking for daring women who know how to dream big + get stuff done. My dream clients are passionate about their business and are ready to dig in and see real results. (With a side of cupcakes, wine, & T-Swift dance parties.)

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Working with Ashley is like having a best friend // mother // mentor // co-conspirator // sounding board // pity party attendee // more, all rolled into one pretty, petite, powerful package. She gives you that perfect mix of what you need: a swift kick in the pants, a super-comfy shoulder, a wide open ear, and totally boss advice. Given the field I work in, I'd totally written off business coaches. Blech - they all do the same thing and have their clients all do the same thing and it's really freaking boring. Boy am I so, so glad I decided to swallow that pride and work with Ashley. She doesn't subscribe to that whole this-is-how-you-should-run-your-business-do-it-now schtick that most coaches do. She really works with you to find out what it is YOU want out of life and business and helps you get there.

In just one short month, Ashley has helped me craft the core values, vision, and mission for my business. I feel like such a business grown up now. I'm more excited about my business than I've ever been, and I feel like I'm actually working toward something, like I actually own a company, which, you know, I do. I needed to step into that space and Ashley made it happen.

If you want to avoid all the usual business coach fluff and work with someone who gets it, gets you, and gets how coaching should work, Ashley is your gal. I'd gladly recommend anyone skip their way to her virtual doorstep and hire her in a heartbeat.

Tiffany Manley

Throughout our session, while we’re becoming BFFs, I’ll ask the right questions, and take notes about you, your business, and where you want to be. Then we’ll work together to create a step-by-step (drool-worthy) action plan to carry you and your biz through the next 6 months.

I mean, you’re not just paying for a 90-minute session.

You’re getting a non-judgmental, outside perspective on your business, high quality feedback, and clear direction on where to go next.

You’re getting a super awesome partner for business brainstorming and strategizing. (We’ll be like Thelma and Louise… with a much happier ending, and considerably less driving over cliffs.)

You’re learning how to make the best use of your time, be more productive, and make your business more profitable. (Then you can finally afford to hire the Spice Girls to reunite for your next birthday! Whaaaat? Just me?)

And we’re gonna have fun!

Here’s how it works:


  • Within one business day of booking your session, you’ll receive Your Business Kick-Start Workbook in your inbox.
  • At least one day before your session, fill out Your Business Kickstart Workbook and send it back to me. Then I’ll reply and double check that we’re good to go.
  • Get excited because all those business dreams you had while stuck at your J-O-B are about to come true!


  • Just before we meet: Pull out Your Business Kick-Start Workbook, grab a cup of your favorite tea, jot down your questions, and eliminate all those pesky distractions. Let’s get ready to rumble!
  • I’ll call you via Skype.
  • This is the fun part! We’ll breeze through some introductions and dive into the important stuff. For 90 minutes, we’ll laser in on your big vision and create a wildly effective 6 month business plan, customized just for you.
  • We’ll wrap up with any final questions + make sure you know how to set these plans into unstoppable motion.


  • Within one business day, I’ll send you…
  • A gorgeous PDF of your step-by-step action plan
  • A short follow-up survey to get some helpful feedback about our time together

Listen, this session is legit going to change the way you do business.

You’re gonna be brimming with confidence and proud of what you’re offering. You’re gonna have a super awesome business action plan to make your business fun AND profitable.

I can promise you that.

I don’t know what you’re waiting for… Let’s do this thing!

To schedule your session, click this link and follow the instructions.

Winter 2015 Rate:  $199  $97!

You’ll wanna:
1. Schedule your session.
2. Make your payment.
3. Check your email for your Business Kick-Start Workbook
4. Pour yourself a glass of wine because you totally deserve it!

Ashley completely turned my life around. She helped me transform my overwhelming ideas into attainable action steps and was my biggest cheerleader the whole time. She knew exactly what I needed to get my business started.



Stephanie H.

Ashley was so well organized (a must for any other non-linear thinking types like me out there) and so thorough that I had the clearest picture of how to grow my list and what (very doable) action items it would take to do so as a solo business owner.

Amy CQ

Ashley's enthusiasm is contagious, and her coaching will help you achieve more than you thought possible. I’ve already recommended that my best friends work with Ashley because she’s the smart, funny, wise, and caring coach you need in your corner when you want to see big changes in your life.


Abby A.

With Ashley's help, I have begun to take the necessary steps toward starting my own life coaching business and, most importantly, I recently made the leap to taking coaching calls — a huge step!




Kristi S.

I booked a session with Ashley because I was struggling with where to start.

The workbook I received before we even spoke gave me space to organise the crazy whirl of thoughts I had going round and round in my head.  During our session Ashley really helped me get under the skin of my dream client - in fact we created such a clear picture of her I felt I'd know her if I saw her walking down the street.

I came away with a brand new bio, a clear plan to revise my opt-in offer, and the confidence to pitch blogs much bigger than my own.  Just one week since my session and my web traffic has more than doubled and I've already grown my list by 66%, and I haven't even implemented everything I learnt yet!

Hattie B.

Ready to do this? (Me too!) Let’s get started!

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