Want to learn the fastest and simplest way to grow your audience so you can finally make a big impact on the world?


These are the exact same steps I used to go from 0 subscribers to over 2,400 in less than 24 months (and used by over 100 of my clients who have built thriving email lists on every topic imaginable from interior design to yoga).


During this super awesome training, you’ll discover…


  • The huge mistake most people make when starting to build their list

  • 3 questions to ask yourself that will bring you hundreds of new subscribers

  • A powerful exercise to help you identify your dream client (and where to find her)

  • My secret sauce for getting your business in front of the right people, without feeling “salesy”

  • PLUS… Hear about Ashley’s game-changing course, Explode Your List!


I wanna double my list!

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The-5-Things-That-Hold-You-Back-cover-250Get started right now with your free e-book, The 5 Things That Hold You Back From Living the Life You Love.


You’ll learn:


      •  7 questions to help you figure out what the heck you want

      • 3 steps to overcoming fear

      • Why we let excuses hold us back

      • 10 ways to create a rock solid plan

      • How to create a personalized plan to hold yourself accountable



Meet your host:

ashley headshot2

Ashley Wilhite is the founder of Your Super Awesome Life, where she helps 20-something women create freedom-based businesses so they can live their own version of a super awesome life.


Over the past two years, she’s added 2,400+ new friends to her list in way that’s easy, fun, and feels totally authentic.


 She’s also a huge fan of hot pink nail polish, sparkly cupcakes, and only doing what feels good.



I doubled the size of my list!

My favorite part was the opt-in segment. Ashley shared a really simple formula for creating the opt-in and gave me new ideas for opt-in content/formats I hadn't even thought about.  I'd recommend Explode Your List to anyone with an online business looking to expand their client reach. I've already doubled my newsletter list!


Kristi S.

I loved the very doable action items!

They say hindsight is 20/20…but I think Ashley turned the tables on that one with her List Expansion Session! The session was so well organized (a must for any other non-linear thinking types like me out there) and so thorough that I had the clearest picture of how to grow my list and what (very doable) action items it would take to do so as a solo business owner.

My favorite part of the session had to be when, after having reviewed my initial worksheets, Ashley pops back online with me with workbooks filled out with topics, steps and ideas specifically tailored to my business! It was like magic…and who doesn’t like a little magic in their lives!?

Amy CQ

I've already grown my list by 66%!

I booked a List Expansion Session with Ashley because I'd been struggling with where to start.  My website was basically like a very needy infant requiring lots of love and attention, and I just wasn't sure where exactly to begin.

The Welcome Workbook I received before we even spoke gave me space to organise the crazy whirl of thoughts I had going round and round in my head.  During our session Ashley really helped me get under the skin of my dream client - in fact we created such a clear picture of her I felt I'd know her if I saw her walking down the street.

I came away with a brand new bio, a clear plan to revise my opt-in offer, and the confidence to pitch blogs much bigger than my own.  Just one week since my session and my web traffic has more than doubled and I've already grown my list by 66%, and I haven't even implemented everything I learnt yet!

Hattie B.

When I came to Ashley, I didn't even know where to begin

To be honest, my sessions with Ashley should have been called "List Creation" instead of "List Expansion." When I came to Ashley, I did not even know where to begin--I did not even know what MailChimp was!  Ashley not only explained how and where I should begin, but she actively assisted me through the process!

Whether it was helping me differentiate between content for my blog versus my newsletter to helping me fill out the forms for MailChimp, Ashley was always encouraging and helpful beyond words. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence I was lacking and took me from feeling like I was frozen with fear to feeling like I was more than capable of achieving success. 


Sarah B.


I wanna double my list!

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