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Insider Secrets for New Coaches & Creatives E-book  (FREE!)


If you wanna take your blog to the next level, build better habits, learn a few design tricks, or hear behind-the-scenes stories of how 23 expert solopreneurs started their businesses, you’re gonna want to check this out.

In January 2014, Stephanie Hall and I hosted a blog tour where we chatted with Shenee Howard, Sarah von Bargen, Jessica Hammond, Melyssa Griffin, Lisa Butler, Kyla Roma, Hannah Braime, Kerry Nieberding, Julie Edmonson, Michelle Ward, Helena Swyter, Kate Byrne, Kristi Snyder, Justine Blakeney, Sarah Morgan, Kait Jones, Katie Lee, Ciera Holzenthal, Jenny Highsmith, Emse Wang, and Mara Glatzel. It was sooo much fun!

We talked about Brand Consistency, Work/Life Balance, Building Habits, Investing in Yourself, Blogging, Confidence, Branding + Design, Creativity, Systems + Productivity, Money, Learning New Skills, Personality, Self-Discovery, Taking Risks + Being Bold, Clarity, Passion, Mindset, Authenticity, Branching Out,  Self-Care, and Self-Love.

Then we compiled it all into this free e-book. Yep, we’ve got 56 pages of big-time secrets to share with you right now!



What I Wish I Knew: The Guide (FREE!)

10 Super Awesome Women Share Their Secrets

For two weeks in May 2012, I hosted the What I Wish I Knew blog series on Your Super Awesome Life.

Each day one woman shared a blog post on what she wishes she knew when she was a teenager. We covered self-love, passion, career, intention, positivity, relationships,  rejection, fear, and courage.

And then I compiled all the posts into this guide for you. My hope is that this guide will answer some of those questions and help you feel a little less alone.


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