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Transition Made Easy: A Guide to More Courage, Confidence, and Brilliantly Bold Action

You are a courageous, dream-filled woman on the brink of a major life transition, but are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety. You feel stuck and are unable to live your dreams because of your current reality. You know what your next step is going to be, and it’s going to be bold, but you continue to be held back by self-doubt.

You’re not meant to stay wrapped up in these feelings. You’re really, truly not. Your gifts and your biggest, brightest dreams are meant to be shared with the world. You are meant to play big and change the world in a magnificently huge way.

You know you can’t stay where you are. You can’t keep living this life. You can’t keep wondering “what if?”.

Instead, you take action. You build up your courage. You peel back the layer and uncover your confidence. And you take the first step toward making your mark on the world. You do it, not because you’re not scared, but because you are so much more than that. You are more than just fear and anxiety and self-doubt.

You are courage and confidence and brilliantly bold action. You are passion and determination and love.

And I want to see you live your super awesome life, one daring, life-changing adventure at a time.

Because that’s what you were meant to do.

You know what you want in life

But something is stopping you from taking that first step and activating your plans. You are fighting an internal battle against self-doubt, anxiety, and fear. You are getting in your own way and you deserve so much more than that. Stop waiting for permission and validation.

You can change your life, one daring adventure at a time.


Transition Made Easy is a digital guide for women who to want to cultivate a strong sense of courage, confidence, and brilliantly bold action as they navigate a life-changing transition. It’s a self-paced, 51-page workbook that will guide you along the way.

Why? You are dreaming big and you are ready to take a leap. You want to share your presence with the world in a huge way. You want to do your greatest work. You want to live your super awesome life.


Transition Made Easy offers you the strategies, tools and guidance to cultivate a strong sense of courage, confidence, and brilliantly bold action.  You are dreaming big and you are ready to take a leap. You want to share your presence with the world in a huge way. You want to do your greatest work. You want to live your super awesome life.

This digital guide is self-paced, so you can start your adventure at any time. 


  • You are thinking about moving across the country, but are terrified of starting over in a new city.
  • You know it is time to revamp your diet, commit to an exercise routine, and lose 20 pounds, but have no idea where to start. 
  • You are dying to apply for your dream job, but are freaking out about the possibility of being rejected.
  • You cannot stop thinking about going back to school, but your mind is racing with ways to sabotage this brave idea.
  • You spend your days dreaming about quitting your awful job, but are afraid you’ll never have the courage to actually make it happen.
  • You know you deserve so much more than what your life looks like right now and you’re finally ready to do something about it.


I was feeling lost



  • Simple strategies for moving through uncomfortable feelings
  • 3 ways to avoid failure
  • Tools for identifying and continuing an honest dialogue with the seven versions of your Inner Critic
  • 7 tips for outlining clear expectations and avoiding potential roadblocks
  • The truth about comparison
  • 6 easy ways to identify your limits and set boundaries
  • Ideas for expressing  kindness to yourself
  • How to create a simple and totally manageable plan of attack
  • Systems to create supportive environments throughout your transition
  • How to create an effective escape plan (and why it is crucial for your sanity!)
  • Tools for maintaining a schedule and routine that works for you
  • 10 ways to increase your confidence
  • 4 tips for staying on track and holding yourself accountable
  • How to move forward from a place of courage and confidence instead of fear and anxiety



CHAPTER THREE: Your inner critic
CHAPTER FOUR: Expectations
CHAPTER FIVE: Comparison
CHAPTER SIX: Your limits
CHAPTER SEVEN: You are worth it


CHAPTER EIGHT: The necessities
CHAPTER NINE: Your support
CHAPTER TEN: Your escape plan


CHAPTER ELEVEN: Create a routine
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Be a “regular”
CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Be patient and kind



Transition Made Easy example

Transition Made Easy is a gorgeous 51-page guide ready to be filled in with your answers, brainstorms, notes, and personal explorations. When you purchase this program, it will be instantly available for you to download and print out.

The guide will serve as your record and safe-keeper of  your work throughout the program. You’ll use it to explore each area of your transition, map out step-by-step plans, track your growth, and hold all the clarity you’ve gained.


“As someone who really struggles with transitions, my heart is filled with love for Transition Made Easy. Ashley has addressed all of my typical struggles – the things that keep me up at night worrying, the things that I need to be told (again and again) – and does so in a way that is approachable and wonderfully kind. 
Working through this offering is a beautiful way to honor a time of your life that might be riddled with change and overwhelm. If you’re looking to peacefully make your way through a transition – and honor the full spectrum of your emotions in a    way that feels both safe and good – this guide has your name all over it.” 
         – Mara Glatzel, Life Coach + Writer
victoria testimonial

FAQs for those of you still wondering if this workbook is right for you.  

Will it work?

If your thoughts sounds something like this, “Will this work for me? Is it worth my time? Can I commit? Will it be too hard?” Just breathe. This program is meant to decrease your anxiety and self-doubt, not create more of it! And I can assure you that the tools and strategies found in this guide have worked for me as I made the transitions of starting my business, quitting my job, and moving from Texas to Canada. I can’t promise you that I can change your life in 51 pages, but I know that YOU can.  Will it be scary?  Perhaps.  Will it be uncomfortable? Probably. Will it be worth it?  Absolutely.

Is this guide for women of all ages?

Simple answer: Yes.  Although Your Super Awesome Life is focused 20 something women who want to break free from expectations, create radical change, and begin living a bigger, bolder, more radiant, super awesome life, this guide is appropriate for anyone who is on the brink of a major transition.  If you resonate with what you’ve read here, we’re good to go.

Can I get a refund?

I’m happily offering a money back return policy. If for some reason you’re disappointed in Transition Made Easy, I’ll give you your money back. I know that if you put in the work, you’ll get insane value from thisguide. I’ve spent years LIVING this journey and I know it’s effective, worthwhile and game-changing. If you’re not satisfied, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

Can I give this course as a gift?

Of course.  Just email me ( and we’ll work it out. I’ll send you a gift payment link for $49 and ask for the name and email address of your lucky recipient.  Also, you’re too sweet!

I just registered, but I can find the link to the program!

After completing the payment process, you should be redirected to a page here at Your Super Awesome Life that holds that link to the program. If you were not redirected, let me know and we’ll figure it out.


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I’m Ashley Wilhite and I coach inspired, courageous women, like you, who want to break free from expectations, create radical change, and begin living a bigger, bolder, more radiant, super awesome life.


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