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You have an overwhelming desire to focus on what you really want to do… instead of just wishing for it.

What you really want is to create a freedom-based biz that totally reflects your values + feels authentic to your core.

Problem is, you have no idea how to get started, (much less make any money).

You don’t know where to find your dream clients and the thought of marketing yourself makes you sick to your stomach.

Well, friend, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and relax. I can help.

I’m Ashley Wilhite and I help daring women hone the confidence and action plan they need to do what they love + make their first $10k.

That fear of failure that’s holding you back? We’ll keep moving through it.

The overwhelm that feels like a grizzly bear sitting on your chest? We’ll knock it down, piece by piece.

You’ll walk away feeling confident. And you’ll know exactly what steps to take to get your business up-and-running.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here are the ways I’m currently working with people:


Your Business Kick-start

You’ve got this fabulous business idea that you can’t wait to share with world, but you aren’t sure how to bring it to life.

There’s SO MUCH to do and you have no friggin’ idea where to start.

You may be stressing over how to find your first client, how to create your first program, or how to market yourself in a way that doesn’t feel completely “salesy”.CLB-Divas-Ashley-2-71

The truth is, you’re just not confident getting your business off the ground without some help. If only you had a step-by-step plan showing you exactly what to do next.

You’re in luck because that’s exactly what I do!

I can help you give your fears the boot, become BFFs with your business vision + goals, and map out a step-by-step (ooh baby) plan to make your first $10K.

When you move past your fears and know exactly what steps to take to turn your business dreams into reality, you’ll be able to spend more time and energy on things that matter, like attracting clients. And not just any clients, but your dream clients.

Because when you’re working with your dream clients, everything changes. You’ll have more fun & make more money.

That’s some Texas-sized value.

Here’s the plan: You. Me. 90 minutes.

Wanna know more?

(Your 90-Day Business Intensive is available upon request. Email me at Ashley [at] to schedule a free 30-minute Business Breakthrough session to see if we’re a good fit.) 




You know you want a freedom-based business, but you don’t have a single paying client (yet). You still feel stuck. This is 5 weeks of business coaching with custom advice to help you find your dream clients, create your soul-sparking program, and sell yourself (without selling out), so you can make your first $10k doing what you love.

Wanna know more?


Freedom Factory Banner

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Whether you want to travel the world endlessly, soak up precious memories with your family, or spend cozy mornings lounging on your back porch with a vanilla latte, this 7 month program will help you create a freedom-based business to make it happen.

Wanna know more?



(Click here to be the first to find out when registration opens.)

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

Quit your job. Write a book. Run a half-marathon. Audition for Broadway. Move to San Francisco. Lose 20 pounds. Launch your business.

Imagine an intense level of  accountability and support while you actually make this happen and do what you’ve always wanted to do.

This is it.

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Praise for working with Ashley

Working with Ashley is like having a best friend // mother // mentor // co-conspirator // sounding board // pity party attendee // more, all rolled into one pretty, petite, powerful package. She gives you that perfect mix of what you need: a swift kick in the pants, a super-comfy shoulder, a wide open ear, and totally boss advice. Given the field I work in, I'd totally written off business coaches. Blech - they all do the same thing and have their clients all do the same thing and it's really freaking boring. Boy am I so, so glad I decided to swallow that pride and work with Ashley. She doesn't subscribe to that whole this-is-how-you-should-run-your-business-do-it-now schtick that most coaches do. She really works with you to find out what it is YOU want out of life and business and helps you get there.

In just one short month, Ashley has helped me craft the core values, vision, and mission for my business. I feel like such a business grown up now. I'm more excited about my business than I've ever been, and I feel like I'm actually working toward something, like I actually own a company, which, you know, I do. I needed to step into that space and Ashley made it happen.

If you want to avoid all the usual business coach fluff and work with someone who gets it, gets you, and gets how coaching should work, Ashley is your gal. I'd gladly recommend anyone skip their way to her virtual doorstep and hire her in a heartbeat.

Tiffany Manley

I ended up in my dream job and living a life that makes me feel happier & more authentic

I started working with Ashley because I wanted to complete a single, simple goal ... and ended up in my dream job and living a life that makes me feel happier, more authentic, and closer to achieving my even bigger dreams every day.

Ashley goes beyond what you say and digs into the beliefs beneath your words. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her mentoring and methods will help you achieve more than you thought possible.

I've already recommended that my best friends work with Ashley because she's the smart, funny, wise, and caring coach you need in your corner when you want to see big changes in your life.

Abby A.

Ashley completely turned my life around.

Ashley completely turned my life around. She helped me transform my overwhelming ideas into attainable action steps and was my biggest cheerleader the whole time. I felt like Ashley really cared and was invested in my success. She knew exactly what I needed to get my business started. If you're looking for a generous, smart, and all around awesome coach, then you should definitely hire Ashley. Go do it right now!


Stephanie Hall

Ashley reminded me to give myself grace.

Ashley reminded me to give myself grace and allow myself to be patient. I think that's what I REALLY needed to absorb. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling a little lost or is approaching a scary transition.



Akirah R.

I knew I could get more out of my life.

It wasn’t that I was unhappy with my life, it’s that I knew I could get more out of my life and that’s where Ashley came in. I was questioning my purpose and direction. I wanted to slow down and rethink some areas of my life. After our session, I was energized, motivated, and above all happy that I now had an action plan to get the most out of my life.



Erika D.

I accomplished so much more with her help than I would have alone.

When I first started working with Ashley, I was really struggling. Everything seemed to be out of balance and I was completely focused on the short-term. I realized that how I was spending my time would not help me achieve my long-term goals, but I felt powerless to do anything about it. From our first call, Ashley was able to point out the things that were holding me back, and she helped me focus--not only on my goals, but on the desired result of those goals. During the three months I worked with her, I returned to my gym, started and nearly finished a new novel, and made real headway in organizing my home. It's still a work in progress, but I accomplished so much more with her help than I would have alone. I really looked forward to every coaching session.

Holli M.

Something about her instills this kind of trust inside of you.

You need to sign up... Actually, you should have signed up yesterday. Ashley is a visionary. She is a kind soul and an inspirational woman. Something about her style just makes you want to spill all of yourself-- your worries, your fears, your hopes, your dreams-- on the floor. Something about her instills this kind of trust inside of you that she extends the boundaries of a life coach and is really one who will get down on two knees and help you gather the pieces of yourself. That is a gift... The listening, the piecing, the hashing out, the defining-- to meet someone who can do all that with poise and grace is a true gift. Ashley is all of this and more.

Hannah B.

She called me out and got it spot on.

My coaching call with Ashley was supremely positive, super helpful, and insightful. She called me out and got it spot on. It was awesome because it was something that had been deep inside my brain for a while, but I was almost afraid to say it out loud.



Kristen C.

My call with Ashley was really motivating.

After finding myself in a rut following too much change in too little time, it was hugely beneficial to talk through some of the areas that seem unsurmountably difficult (but actually aren't). My call with Ashley was really motivating and I found great benefit in the strategic planning and improving myself.



Lauren W.

I have to thank Ashley for helping me gain a sense of worth.

Sometimes life throws you some major challenges that leave you feeling extremely lost and uncertain about the path you should take. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Ashley and be able to share some of my deepest concerns about my life with her. She helped me become focused and provided me with the tools and support that I needed in order to find perspective again. Her knowledge and capabilities far surpasses anything that I could have ever done on my own. She helped me lay a foundation that I could use to pursue my dreams and greatest desires. Although it is a life long journey I have to thank Ashley from the bottom of my heart for not only helping me find my true self again but for also helping me gain a sense of worth. This was an EXTREMELY positive experience and I recommend ANYONE going through tough life issues, doesn't matter what they are, to consider speaking with Ashley. She's kind, thoughtful, caring, inspiring, and extremely good at not only listening, but also providing honest and real advice. Thanks again Ashley :)

Suzzy A.

I feel like I have accomplished so much.

I signed up for life coaching to get some support and motivation for weight loss and a healthy life style. What I got was so much more. Ashley is a caring and supportive coach, a great-listener, and problem solver. She can easily identify the underlying problem and help to bring that to the surface so that it can be worked on. I feel like I have accomplished so much in 4 months of coaching. I'm learning to be happy and more confident with myself. I am also learning to replace the negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones. I have become more self-aware and more content. I am on the greatest journey I could think of- self-discovery and healing. I would recommend Ashley's coaching to anyone in need of goal setting, for confidence and self-esteem building, or for general support and encouragement with major life changes. She deserves all the awards in the world!

Candace W.

It was life-changing!

My call with Ashley got me on that track to stop wishing I could do something and JUST DO IT. It was the stepping stone for me to start taking big action in my life and stop letting fear play a part in me setting aside my dreams. It was life-changing!



Stephany R.
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