You can’t picture yourself doing anything else. Coaching is your “thing”.


You know you wanna work for yourself (hello, being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and not wearing pants to work!)


You know you want a business that gives you complete freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment. Problem is, you don’t have a single paying client (yet).


And you know all the things you’re “supposed” to do to make it happen: create a website, find your niche, get clients, and market yourself out the wazoo.


But you still feel stuck.


You keep spinning your wheels, thinking there must be an easier way. You’re waiting for that lightning bolt of clarity when you finally feel like you have it all together. You know one day you’ll feel like you’ve “made it”, but right now? You feel like a total fraud.



Your Super Awesome Business is 5 weeks of business coaching with custom advice to help you find your dream clients, create your soul-sparking coaching package, and sell yourself (without selling out), so you can make your first $10k doing what you love.



spark pink You have a coaching business (or at least an idea) and you’re ready to take it to the next level and make $10k in the next 3 months.

spark pink You’re in it to win it. You know there may be inner obstacles in your way (hello, fear), but you’re committed to make your business a success.

spark pink You want to nail down exactly what makes you stand out, so you have the confidence to put yourself out there in a big way, and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing

spark pink You’re not afraid of hard work, but you also don’t take life too seriously. You’re fun, enthusiastic, want to be coached-up and possibly have a dance party or two.

spark pink You love the idea of joining forces with a group of like-minded women so that you feel supported, encouraged, and 100% accountable.


CLB-Divas-Ashley-1-208I’m Ashley Wilhite, creator of YourSuperAwesomeLife.com, and my passion is coaching daring women to hone the confidence and action plan they need to make their first $10k doing what they love.


When I started Your Super Awesome Life in 2012, I wanted to simple, step-by-step program to show me exactly how to grow my list, create a program I was excited about, and get my first 5 clients. But I couldn’t find it.


I learned through trial-and-error. I studied. I read hundreds of books. I made mistakes and I picked myself back up. Then, I put these lessons to work for myself and my business.


In the past 2 years, I’ve worked with over 200 clients, grown my list to 2,700+ subscribers, and increased my income by over 500%!


Now you want to show you how to do it too.


I mean, you shouldn’t have to recreate the wheel when you could be creating something new and awesome.


This is 5 weeks of clarity, confidence, and business-building magic.

Thank you so much for offering YSAB. I’ve “launched” a program in the past, but with little success and it was all over the place. YSAB gave me the tools I needed to get focused on my target market and to launch a real program with professional looking materials. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and making things happen. Ashley is so real about everything. And the fact that she’s totally open about the steps her business took to get where it is is incredibly helpful. Yay! Before I was terrified about where my business was going and what wasn’t happening. Now, I’m excited and hopeful and feel all sorts of things starting to click into place around me!

Katie G.


spark pink Clarity on what makes you different so you never have to worry about competition again.

spark pink A detailed outline of your super awesome program showcasing your brilliance.

spark pink The know-how to market yourself and your business in an authentic and genuine way.

spark pink A step-by-step plan to double the size of your list and fill your program with your dream clients.

spark pink A launch blueprint to put your program out there that will put you on the fast track to making your first $10k in 3 months (or less).



Week 1: Uncovering your unique brand. Stop comparing yourself and your business to everyone else + start doing things your own way.


Week 2: Meeting your dream client and becoming her BFF. Get clear on who you wanna work with and how you actually help people, so you can talk about it in way that makes sense (and dollars).


Week 3: Creating a super awesome program that sells. Whip up your most soul-sparking program, full of your rockin’ expertise, that’s irresistible to your dreamiest clients and sells out in minutes. Boo-yah!


Week 4: Exploding your list + becoming a superstar. Build your power posse through list-building, blogging, and other proven marketing strategies.


Week 5: Selling yourself (without selling out). You hate feeling “salesy” so I’m going to show you how to put yourself out there in a way that feels authentic AND fun.

Who knew that working on your business could be so much fun? Ashley is energetic, smart, and a bundle of fun. She can dispel your fears and motivate you at the same time. She is also full of fantastic ideas. I walked away from one of our calls with a full month's worth of ideas to implement in my business. The whole program was delightful.

Kristyn C.


5 Audio Lessons covering the fancy topics listed above. These will be delivered straight to your inbox on June 12th so you can dive in whenever you’re ready. I’ll teach you my step-by-step process and help make the mysteries of creating a successful business easy as pie. I’ll be live, teaching and sharing, while you’re listening and taking notes (and drinking wine).


5 Live Group Coaching Calls (60 minutes) where you get one-on-one coaching from me. You’ll get my eyes on your business. This is your chance to ask questions, review your sales page, tackle challenges, and move past roadblocks with my support. Plus, you get to listen to other group members being coached, which is super helpful. These calls will be on Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern and they’ll be recorded so you can listen (and learn) over and over.


6 Custom Designed Playbooks for brainstorming your personal brand, outlining your new programs, writing sales pages, creating opt-ins, booking guest posts, and more!


Weekly Tournaments (with prizes!) to include a little friendly competition while crossing items off your to-do list. Weekly winners will receive snail mail surprises!


Daily Double-Dog Dares challenging you 5 days a week to take action, get more clients, grow your list, and take your business to the next level.


Private Facebook Group to connect with other group members and get unlimited support and accountability from yours truly. Previous group members have formed lifelong friendships, found new business besties, and created invaluable masterminds. You really wanna be part of this.


Also important! This is a SUPER SMALL GROUP. There are only 10 spots and you will get mega individual attention from me.



Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern//7pm Central//5pm Pacific.


We’ll talk on 6/17, 6/24, 7/1, 7/8, and 7/15.

Calls are approx 60 min, but you don’t have to stick around for the whole call. You can call in, ask your questions, and then hop off and listen to the recording later. Still super valuable!



After just 5 weeks of working with me, my clients have been known to…

…get their first 5 clients!

…double their prices!

…and make over $3,000!


I mean, how much is it costing you to sit around, feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Do you really wanna feel unfulfilled forever? Or are you ready to take this leap and get your dream business off the ground?


How much is your super awesome business worth to you?

10 spots left!

Option 1: Pay $349 in full now

Option 2: Pay $175 now and $175 in 2 weeks




I’m here to help you change your life (and your business). I know that if you show up and do the work, you’ll get huge results. I believe 100% in what I have to offer, but if you’re unhappy with the value you’re receiving, I’ll gladly give you a full refund at the end of the 5 weeks.






What happens after I sign up?


Once you make your payment, you’ll be redirected to page where you’ll enter your name and email address. Then you’ll receive a personal email from me that includes your Welcome Playbook along with all the other fun (and important) details + surprises. On June 12th, you’ll receive your Audio Trainings and weekly Playbooks.


When does Your Super Awesome Business start?


The group will officially begin on June 12th, 2015 and wrap up on July 17th, 2015.


I’m not clear on what my business is yet. Is this still right for me?


Maybe! As long as you have an inkling of an idea of what you want to do (and it involves coaching), you’re golden. The rest of your clarity will come during these 5 weeks. AND we’ll get you started waaaay before you would’ve otherwise. I won’t let you sit back in self-doubt, or procrastinate out of fear. You’ll be implementing what you learn right away, because, really, that’s the only way to get clear on what you actually want.


How do I know if this is the course for me?


Well, I’m not going to try to convince you to join us for these 5 weeks of business-building goodness. (That feels too “salesy” to me.) Plus, I believe that you already know if this is right for you. So, if you feel like this is the group, and I’m the coach for you, then I’d love for you to click here and join us now!

Have any other questions or concerns? Send them to ashley@yoursuperawesomelife.com.


I want to you be part of this, so if there’s anything holding you back, let me know!


Having a group of encouraging women to support you as you take your business to the next level. This is the time for you to take a step forward and go after the life you want. These 10 spots won’t last. Show yourself you’re worth it!

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  1. Linda says:

    Hi Ashley

    I found an article you wrote about 8 ways to find your passion. Awesome!! Looking forward to connecting. My Passion Mag is about inspiring people through inspirational true stories of success – people who have found their passion and living their truth

    Awesome. Thank you

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  4. porn movie says:

    There may be noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made sure good points in features also.

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