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8 Good Parenting Tips for New Moms and Dads


Well, first of all, if you’ve just welcomed your bundle of joy, hearty congratulations! You’ve entered this world of sheer innocence and joy, and although it’s a tough job tending to that little one who has just entered your lives, you wouldn’t trade this feeling and blissful phase for anything else in the world. So here’s cheers to new beginnings and a few tips to help you cruise through this journey with ease:

It’s okay not to know:
Most young parents freak out as they really have no clue at how to deal with the surprises their child throws up everyday! But listen up here – every, mind it, every new parent goes through the same phase! No matter how much you read about it, how much you talk to others about it, when it actually comes to dealing with the kid practically, it’s very different! So chill and take it all in your stride.

Listen to advice; take what you want:
There will be loads of people and relatives around you who would keep pouring in with gifts, and well, free advice! But hey, who would know the child better than his own parents? So instead of taking every little advice to heart, choose what suits you and your child the best and follow it.

Take care of yourself:
No doubt the tiny little human you’ve created requires a lot of tending and care, but as parents, if you want this phase to be memorable in the right ways, you need to ensure you are taking some time off for yourself too – it may be a quick nap, a healthy snack or something that relaxes you.

Do it together:

childWon’t the child feel love if both mommy and daddy pitch in to take care of him? Divide your parental duties, and this will help you in not only taking care of the child efficiently but also to understand each other in these newfound roles well.

Help? Yes, please!
It can be pretty exhausting taking care of a baby by yourselves, even if the two of you are doing it together. So get in the extended parenting team of grandpas, grandmas, uncles and aunts to help you with taking care of the child. And as they babysit, you make sure you use this me-time for yourself.

Get the schedule right:
By 3-4 weeks you would be pretty well-versed with the baby’s routine. Getting to know your child’s schedule would be pretty great as you can be prepared for the feeding, sleeping and other patterns. It would also help you accommodate some time off for yourself.



Babies are used to sound:
Your womb wasn’t soundproof – so by the time your baby is out in the world,  he is already used to listening to sounds. So there’s no pint hushing around while the kid’s asleep – you can carry out your chores as usual. The child won’t get disturbed.

Get the dad to bond with the baby:
There’s no denying the fact that many dads out there are still not eligible for paternity leave- which means they cannot spend as much time with the baby as you. This also means that whatever little time the dad is free, he is spending most of it bonding with the little one.