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Top 10 Summer Health Tips


Summer’s here, people! And though we cannot stop boasting about how beautiful everything out there is, we also cannot deny the fact that the heat is getting unbearable by the day. And with the temperatures soaring, you have to take special care of yourself – so here’s the summer starter kit – a few tips to keep you cool through the blazing summer:

  1. Hydrate yourself:

Keep sipping on the water – don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Your body will get dehydrated without you even realising – so make sure you are well hydrated before your body begins showing signs of dehydration.

  1. Summer fruits:

There’s a reason why summer is blessed with a lot of water-based fresh fruits – so make use of nature’s jewels and hog on those melons as much as you can! Not only will the water content keep you hydrated but so will the sugars keep you energised all day long.


  1. Head out for morning workouts:

Even though it’s summer, the atmosphere is pretty cool in the mornings – so try to schedule your outdoor workouts during this time of the day to keep away from the summer blaze in the later hours.

  1. Learn something new:

The best part of summer is that it isn’t a lazy season like winters. It’sd active, it’s energised and full of energy – so why not use this lovely weather to venture out and learn something new?

  1. Any complaints, doctor’s here:

If you are troubled by any heat-related ailments, visit the doctor right away. The serious symptoms may be an outcome of a simple thing such as not drinking enough water. But it’s best you seek professional advice.

  1. Avoid oily greasy stuff:

You’re more like to face stomach issues if you don’t restrain your diet and choose the greens and the organics over the oily and greasy stuff.

  1. Summer wear:

Opt for light, breathable clothing that will keep you cool throughout the day. Cotton clothing is the best material you can use in summer, so take out all the summer essentials from your wardrobe!

swim wear

  1. Sleep well:

Sometimes not sleeping well is the simple cause behind feeling tired all day long. Sleeping well takes away all the exhaustion that’s caused due to the draining heat outside.

  1. Swim time:


When else are you going to swim?! This is the perfect time and season to take a dip in the pool – so go ahead!

  1. Skin care:
    Summer’s all about being sweaty and sticky – so a regular exfoliation for your skin will keep it nice and glowing through the summer.