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12 Tips for Dealing with an Overly Emotional Child


It might sound funny, but it is the hard truth that you need to accept. Dealing with an overly emotional child is like walking through the landmines in a war zone. All it is takes is just one wrong move, and everything will be done for good. In this article, we will see some tip to deal with an overly emotional child.

Make eye contact

Get down on your knees and make direct eye contact with them when you are having a conversation with them. This will give them the feeling that you are listening to them with your fullest concentration.

Approve their emotions

There are good possibilities that you might find it a bit stupid. It does not matter whether it is logical or illogical; you should approve their emotions. They need to feel that you stand by their side no matter what.  It is more like playing along to get their trust.

Keep a routine

Keeping a routine will help you to predict them up to a certain level, and if they are sticking on that schedule, there are good possibilities that they will not have much of a mood swing.

Providing a supportive environment

Providing a supportive environment is one of the important things that need to be done to have a better emotional state. It plays a huge role, and it also has a very positive impact on their minds. They will feel a lot better and if they will not be distracted by any kind of negative things.

Ease transition

If there is going to be some kind of change, it is important that you gradually feed it to them. Even the simplest things like leaving out for another place need to be told. Just informing them that we are going to leave in ten minutes will make the process much easier.

Distract them when needed

Try to distract them if you feel that they are exceeding limits. Do not use harsh methods to control them as it might be a temporary solution. It will definitely affect them in the long run.

Give them time to calm down

If you are expecting things to happen at the very instant, there are good possibilities that you will be disappointed. Make sure to give the adequate time to calm down if they are having some mood swing or any emotional breakdown.

Try a tickle

A tickle is one of the easiest solutions that you can apply if you are finding them difficult to control.  It is more of a way of distracting them and from what is going on. It is a simple punishment that kindles laughter.

Give a hug

Some might find it irrelevant. But a warm hug will actually calm them down, and it will avoid them from indulging some kind of activities. It does not just help them, It also helps us by not hitting them.

Train them to use proper words

It is important that they need to behave properly outside the house. If not there are possibilities that they might get into some sort of trouble. If they are able to control their mouth, then a lot can be avoided.

Meet their needs

One of the main reasons for them to get more emotional is because their needs have not been met. Hence it is important that their needs are met which will keep them satisfied and happy.

Teach them about emotions

One of the important things that have to know is the emotions. By having a clear idea about various emotions, they will exhibit the required ones at the appropriate time in perfect levels. This will actually prevent them from getting over emotional at times.