It’s the new diet trend and craze of the times, not everyone agrees with the idea behind it, but a lot of men and women are getting on board the keto diet plan train. The Ketogenic diet plan is one that is extremely low in carbs and higher in fat. It’s a great way to lose extra pounds quickly but can really be a challenging diet plan to follow through with. So lets look at my all time fav keto cookbooks!

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My Fav Keto Friendly Cookbooks

The number one meaningful way to ensure you are sticking with your keto diet plan is by having a plan and knowing what recipes to use that are both keto friendly and delectable! Start by finding an exceptional ketogenic cookbook that only focuses on keto-friendly recipes the top four keto cook books feature The Keto Diet plan: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, Keto Comfort Foods, The Keto Crockpot cookbook and Simply Keto.

The Keto Diet Plan: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet plan

The Keto diet plan cook book, created by Leanne Vogel is a great dish book and a great read. Not only does this book include more than a hundred great keto-friendly dishes but it also has diet plans and dieting advice developed throughout the entire book. Leanne is a pro at the keto diet plan and will be able to give you with some good information and useful ideas and techniques that will ensure you stick with your diet to reach your weight loss goals. The book will get to off to a great start by giving you a 28-day startup a meal plan that includes all of the dishes and even a grocery list to help you get started with your shopping. So if your a newbie at the keto diet plan this book is certainly a great choice.

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Keto Comfort Foods

This is a superb cookbook for those that have been doing the keto diet plan for a while. If you are wanting something different, then this will be the excellent book for you. The cookbook will offer you the recipes that replace carbs with fatty foods. This will deliver a new take on some classic dishes. Things like a pizza that is cauliflower based, a meatloaf that is bacon wrapped. This cook book will give you a unique look into some of the meals that you have loved for years.

Keto Comfort Foods created by Maria Emmerich is a great tool for those who have been on the keto diet plan for some time and are looking for some new and delectable recipes to add to their ketogenic diet. Maria writes out a meal plan that features mock comfort foods using fatty meals in place of the carbohydrates. Some examples of meals you may find in this cook book feature cauliflower based pizza, bacon wrapped meatloaf, and chicken cordon bleu. She finds ways of recreating the comfort meals you really love and crave and keeping them low carb.

The Keto Crock-pot Cookbook

If you are a person that likes to use your Crock-pot, then this cookbook will take your keto diet and brings in the Crock-pot to give you new ideas to expand your diet plan options even further. The publisher is knowledgeable about the subject matter as she lost over a hundred extra pounds herself on a diet. She took this accomplishment and decided to write a cookbook that would be useful for others that were trying to lose weight. This is a must-have in your collection of cook books.

The Keto Crock-pot cook book published by Diana Barrera is a superb choice for keto dieters that adore slow cooked meals and are comfortable using a crock-pot. Since meat is a large portion of a keto dieters meal, it’s important to make sure it’s cooked right. A slow cooker is a great way to cook the meat of your choice all day while you go to work or wherever you require to go for the day and then come home to a tasty cooked meal. You can also use the slow cooker to cook vegetables, casseroles and even stuffed peppers if you’re in the mood! If you’re on the keto diet and are looking for something different, this cook book might be ideal for you.

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Simply Keto

Another great keto cookbook you should have a look at if your starting the keto diet plan is Simply Keto written by Suzanne Ryan. Simply Keto is a superb tool for those of you who are just starting out and are really trying to lose body weight on this diet plan. Suzanne is a creator who has actually struggled with her weight and uses this book to detail her journey with body weight loss and how she stuck with the keto diet plan. Losing more than 100 extra pounds on a diet plan herself, I ‘d say she’s a pretty good role model to have.

Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Keto Diet Cookbook

Whenever you hear the term of Keto, the other words of bacon & butter are not things that you typically think about. Nevertheless, this is a cookbook that can really put a new point of view on the world of Keto and the effects that this diet plan can have for an individual.

The Keto Diet Plan: The Complete Guide to a High Fat Diet

This is not only an amazing cookbook, but it also offers the reader the required advice that they need to make the most out of their keto diet plan. This will supply you with diet plan plans that you can use in all aspects of your life. The cookbook will start you off by giving you a 28-day meal plan that will supply you with a head start on your goals. This will include all of the recipes that you will need as well as a shopping list of the ingredients that you will require to make these meals. It is safe to say that if you are new to this Keto diet, then this will be just the cook book to get you started.
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What should a keto fanatic do?

As you are able to see, there are a large number of cook books out there, and while these are the best cookbooks, you may find some others that will be able to give you the same level of outcomes that you are hoping to attain. From just a little weight loss to enormous amounts of weight, the effects of the Keto diet plan is real and able to be seen. The keto diet can not only change your appearance, but it can also dramatically improve your life. Make sure that you try many of these dishes and see for yourself what the keto diet is able to do for you.