Anyone can make use of the services of a psychic and a medium for any reason whether that be love, money, relationship, career, life advice or if you may be looking for a spiritual guidance or seeking spirit communication. I remember the time when my grandmother passed, it was really painful since I was really close to her, I felt it was unfair, I felt mad, I felt really lonely and I wished that she could have stayed longer. I felt really sad for a long time and I wanted to speak with her or see her even just in my dreams, luckily a friend of mine suggested that it is possible to communicate with her with the help of a Psychic and she have recommended a Toronto Psychic so I can somehow start to heal my grief.

Is there a difference between Psychic and a Medium?

I felt really excited when I knew that it is possible to communicate with my grandmother once again so I grabbed the phone and hoped for a successful conversation. I was able to reach a Toronto Psychic, I told her why I’m calling and I have learned that she is a Psychic but not a medium so she endorsed me to one of her colleagues who is a medium. At first I was confused why can’t she help me and she explained the difference.

She said that every medium is a psychic but not every psychic is a medium. If you want information that comes from energy/aura like predictions, direction or guidance you must speak to a psychic. If you are seeking spirit communication (mediumship) then you must speak to a medium.

Psychics (also known as intuitives) help us confirm what our own intuitions are telling us in order for us to trust our inner wisdom. Mediums (also called psychic mediums) receive messages from spirits including our deceased loved ones, our spirit guides and angels hence they can help comfort and heal our grief. In simpler sense, Psychics PERCEIVE and Mediums RECEIVE.

Are Psychics and Clairvoyant the same?

People are often confused with the two even if both terms are widely used. Clairvoyant is a person who has the ability to perceive events in the future, gain information about a person, object, location or event via extrasensory perception. This ability is called clairvoyance and clairvoyance is one of the many types of psychic abilities.

Like many psychic abilities there is no specific or scientific explanation for how clairvoyance works. Sometimes this is used in remote viewing and occasionally been useful for finding missing people and lost objects.

To sum it up, psychics and clairvoyant are not the same, the explanation is similar to the one with mediumship. Some psychics are not clairvoyant at all.

How to spot a fake Psychic?

There are a lot of ways to know if you are speaking to a fraudulent psychic, some are even very simple:

  • Check their profile. Look at how much information they provide, does it look genuine? have they taken courses? do they have a real profile photo?
  • Psychic Methods. A genuine psychic should be transparent about what method they use for their readings, insights and predictions.
  • Exaggerated promises. A lot of fake psychics claim 100% accuracy, contact the dead anytime, see exactly what the future holds, can remove a curse, sell love potions etc. None of these would be real.
  • Check the reviews and ratings. If they use a reputable website, the ratings and reviews will be unedited so it should be able to show you the good and even the bad ones.

Enjoy your reading!

Don’t get so wrapped up in the fear of knowing something “scary” or of anything that you may not want to know. Readings are helpful guides for your troubled emotions, a glimpse for your past, present and possible future, psychics are there to help you see possible options. Speaking with a Psychic can be revealing, satisfying, entertaining and informative, so if you are planning to have a reading, just relax and enjoy the process.